The Nest Hello Video Doorbell needs a constant wired power in order to function, but the device only ships with the ability to draw that power from existing doorbell wires. Now, there’s a third-party indoor power adapter for the Nest Hello that draws power from a standard outlet inside of your home.

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This week, Google gave the thumbs up to an Indoor Power Adapter for the Nest Hello from Ninety-7. This “Made for Google” product is designed to make the doorbell compatible with almost any home. For many homes, using this product is pretty painless — you just need a drilled hole to run the wire to the doorbell from the power source within the home. There’s a 20-foot cable included for this purpose.

As mentioned, typical installations of the Nest Hello use the existing wires, but plenty of homes still either lack that wiring entirely or rely on battery-powered doorbells. When using this power adaptor, there’s a split cable at the end which mimics typical doorbell wires.

The indoor power adapter connects to the Nest Hello w/ drilled holes

This probably still isn’t the ideal solution for some users, as renters likely wouldn’t be able to drill the needed holes. Still, this new product grants the Nest Hello much more flexibility. The Indoor Power Adapter for Nest Hello is now available through the Google Store for $29, and the Nest Hello itself is currently on sale for $199.

No wiring? No problem. Power your Nest Hello using an indoor outlet.

Use the Indoor Power Adapter to make the Nest Hello video doorbell compatible with any home. Even ones without existing doorbell wires or the right transformer. Add a Google Home as your chime and it can announce when someone’s at the door.

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