Nest Hello Stories Yesterday

As the holiday season arrives, Google is rolling out a selection of ringtones for Nest Doorbells starting this week. Here’s what you’ll have to choose from.

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Nest Hello Stories September 29, 2021

In launching the new Nest Doorbell (battery) in early August, Google also rebranded the old Nest Hello and continued selling it. Google today told customers that it’s launching a second-generation Nest Doorbell (wired) in 2022.

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Google’s Nest doorbell lineup is about to take part in a yearly tradition of custom ringtones to celebrate the holidays. Alongside those yearly tones, though, Google has also confirmed that it will finally be expanding ringtone options on the Nest Doorbell.

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Nest Hello Stories August 5, 2021

Nest Hello rebranded to ‘Nest Doorbell (wired)’ and remain on sale as 24/7 recording model

The new Nest Doorbell (battery) offers a big upgrade with on-device machine learning powering free detection alerts and the presence of local storage. However, it lacks continuous video recording, so Google will keep selling the previous generation Nest Hello as the Nest Doorbell (wired).

Nest Hello Stories July 12, 2021

After an update last month focused on Wi-Fi management, the latest version of the Google Home app greatly improves the Nest Hello experience with more controls.

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Nest Hello Stories March 30, 2021

Version 2.35 of the Google Home app is rolling out on Android and iOS with some user-facing tweaks. The Home companion client today also reveals the backside of a new Google Nest device, which could be a next-generation Hello doorbell.

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Nest Hello Stories February 23, 2021

For some time now, the US Google Store has offered an affordable refurbished option for a few select products, including the Nest Cam Indoor and Nest Protect. Today, the Google Store has gained three more refurbished options in the US, the Nest Learning Thermostat, Nest Wifi, and Nest Hello.

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Nest Hello Stories February 26, 2020

The Nest Hello made a surprise appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert this evening. It’s not clear if there was actually a sponsorship, or whether Google’s smart doorbell was just a random prop.

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Nest Hello Stories December 21, 2019

Video surveillance doorbells aren’t without controversy, but there’s no doubt that they provide a sense of security to their owners and opportunities for recourse when someone chooses to do something distasteful. Certainly the most common example is catching porch pirates, but… Christmas light cutting, too? expand full story

Nest Hello Stories November 27, 2019

Earlier this year, Google upgraded the Nest Hello with the ability to have holiday-themed doorbell sounds, starting with spooky Halloween sounds. Today, the company has announced that a variety of Christmas and other winter holiday sounds have been added to the Nest Hello’s repertoire.

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Nest Hello Stories October 21, 2019

As we discovered last week, the Nest Hello video doorbell is getting seasonal themes. Just in time for Halloween, spooky ringtones start rolling out today and will be updated throughout the year.

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Nest Hello Stories October 17, 2019

An update pushed today for the Nest app contains hints towards a seasonal “themes” feature which allows the user to change the chime of their Nest Hello doorbell for a holiday season. For Halloween, which is a mere two weeks away, users will soon be able to enable a “Spooky sounds” theme.

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Nest Hello Stories August 30, 2019

Google Nest rebrand stickers appearing on Nest Hello retail boxes

Earlier this week, we spotted a Nest Hello on the Google Store that features a new logo. The smart video doorbell is now being sold in stores with a sticker that advertises the “Google Nest” rebrand.

Nest Hello Stories August 29, 2019

At I/O 2019, “Google Nest” was announced as the company’s new unified smart-home brand. In addition to products being renamed, Google laid out privacy commitments and account migrations. This process also involves the old “Nest” logo going away, and Google’s “G” is taking its place on the Nest Hello.

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Nest Hello Stories August 27, 2019

Last month, the Nest app suggested that the Nest Hello would be adding package delivery and pickup detection. Google today announced the machine learning-backed functionality and detailed how a Nest Aware subscription is required.

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Nest Hello Stories July 9, 2019

The Nest Hello doorbell already offers a wide variety of security monitoring tools, but now Google is bringing in more of its camera software prowess. Version 5.37 of the Nest app for Android indicates that the Hello doorbell cam will be getting package delivery and pickup detection.

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Nest Hello Stories June 7, 2019

Nest Hello Video Doorbell gets a ‘Made for Google’ indoor power adapter

The Nest Hello Video Doorbell needs a constant wired power in order to function, but the device only ships with the ability to draw that power from existing doorbell wires. Now, there’s a third-party indoor power adapter for the Nest Hello that draws power from a standard outlet inside of your home.

Nest Hello Stories March 4, 2018

Following a number of Google Assistant announcements at MWC 2018, the company tonight highlighted its smart assistant at the Oscars. The rather long ad showcased a variety of use cases where Assistant would be helpful, while Nest also advertised its upcoming smart Hello doorbell.

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Nest Hello Stories September 20, 2017

After several weeks of teasing, Nest finally unveiled several new products that really bring it into the world of smart home security. These products include the 4K-capable Cam IQ Outdoor, Hello video doorbell, and Nest Secure which includes home security monitoring with the use of an array of sensors and dongles.

Are any of Nest’s newest smart home products going to end up in your shopping cart?

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Nest announced a slew of new smart home security products including the Hello, a video doorbell that competes directly against the Ring, August Doorbell, and others already on the market. What sets it apart is its features that allow it to smartly detect who’s walking up to the doorbell and more…

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