Google Stadia is launching in just a month, but it’s not totally clear what games will actually be available. One huge title, DOOM: Eternal, was just delayed from its original November launch date back to March of 2020.

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Announced by Bethesda on Twitter today (via Polygon), DOOM: Eternal is being delayed to 2020. Specifically, the game will launch on March 20th, 2020. Apparently, this is being done so the game “will live up to our standards of speed and polish.” iD Software also confirmed that “Invasion Mode” will be coming in a post-launch update which will be free on all platforms.

This delay has quite a side effect on Google’s Stadia launch. Originally, DOOM: Eternal was going to be available when the new service launched or within a week or two of that launch. Now, though, the game won’t be available until long after those who’ve pre-ordered the Founder’s Edition have already received their hardware.

Google has pushed DOOM: Eternal as one of the biggest titles launching alongside Stadia since the service was first revealed earlier this year. Still, there should be a solid list of titles available when the service first releases to the public, but it’s a shame that such a huge, graphically-demanding game won’t be available.

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