Doom Eternal Stories March 11, 2020

Google Stadia’s biggest promise has been playing 4K games without the need for crazy expensive hardware, but it’s struggled to live up to that promise. Now, it’s been confirmed that DOOM: Eternal won’t be available in “true” 4K on Google Stadia.

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Doom Eternal Stories January 14, 2020

Stadia games: Marvel’s Avengers gets delayed as Doom: Eternal gets a new trailer

Google Stadia’s library of games is slowly growing, and 2020 is set to see a pretty big expansion. For two of those upcoming Google Stadia titles, there’s some big news including a delay for Marvel’s Avengers and a new trailer for Doom: Eternal.

Doom Eternal Stories October 8, 2019

‘DOOM: Eternal’ delayed to March 2020, missing Google Stadia’s November launch

Google Stadia is launching in just a month, but it’s not totally clear what games will actually be available. One huge title, DOOM: Eternal, was just delayed from its original November launch date back to March of 2020.

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