Our APK Insight into the new Google Home app this week revealed a new “Gaming preferred” setting for Google and Nest Wifi. Intended for Stadia, a support document now details what network prioritization will be occurring when this preference is enabled.

Google describes how the “best gaming experience” requires a “fast pathway to and from cloud servers without being overly delayed by an underperforming router or competing traffic on the same network.” The former is a ding on other networking devices, while the latter is unavoidable in a modern smart home.

With “Gaming preferred” enabled, Nest Wifi (and presumably the first-generation Google Wifi given their interoperability) “automatically optimizes your Stadia traffic.” This works regardless of whether you’re using a Chromecast Ultra, desktop, laptop, or mobile device, and does not require any other user tuning.

Gaming preferred prioritizes Stadia so your gameplay doesn’t get slowed down by other devices or activities on your network, like someone streaming TV or browsing the web in the other room. Gaming preferred will work when you’re playing games on Stadia.

While the setting is on by default after setting up Made by Google routers, the company notes how it’s only active when you’re streaming a game from Stadia.

This being a feature exclusive to first-party connectivity equipment speaks to how Stadia could possibly advertise Made by Google gear as ensuring the absolute best gaming experience come November 19th. Full instructions for toggling on/off are available below:

  1. Open the Google Home app Google Home app.
  2. Choose Wi-Fi .
  3. Select Settings Nest settings icon in the top corner.
  4. Toggle “Gaming preferred” on Toggle switch or off .

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