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Bradley Chambers

November 27, 2018

Facebook opens up Watch Parties to all, in a bid to make video watching more social

Watch parties might sound like the world’s most boring Friday night get-together, where geeks compare smartwatches, but it’s actually the name Facebook gives to a group of people watching a video together online …

October 25, 2018

Google details cloud LDAP service including pricing

Earlier in October, Google announced Cloud Identity for partners and customers. One of the features of Cloud Identity I was most excited about was the cloud LDAP feature that is part of this service. LDAP is an open source directory protocol that a lot of enterprise services support. Google is heavily investing in its cloud identity service. They expect by 2021, more than 50% of all enterprises will adopt an “all in cloud strategy.” Could Google LDAP login on macOS become a reality in the future?

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