Crafts Stories July 16, 2013

The story of how Google picked “OK, Glass” to activate the wearable device

Interesting G+ Post from Amanda Rosenberg on the genesis of the “OK Glass” hot word which activates the Glass headset:

In the car on the way back, Mat told me about how the team had been working on the “hotword” for Glass.  I must confess, I did not know what “hotword” meant. Did I ask what it meant? No. Did I nod whilst looking pensive? You bet your glass I did. As I listened to Mat, I quickly* * * * deduced that he was referring to the phrase that sets off the Glass menu. He then asked me if I had any ideas for the hotword. In that moment the only phrase I could think of was ‘OK Glass’. I didn’t tell him straightaway though. Instead, I continued to look pensive and muttered something about ‘looking into it’ just to appear as though I was going to put more than 3 seconds of work into it.

Interestingly, it appears that OK has migrated to “OK Google Now” in Motorola’s upcoming X Phones. 

Crafts Stories January 18, 2012

[ted id=1329 lang=en]

Everyone has their SOPA/PIPA things today (and that is good!).  Here is ours.

My former professor, Clay Shirky, explains what SOPA and PIPA are, what will happen if these are passed and why it is bad.  He’s good at this stuff.

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