Wikipedia Stories January 9

Wikipedia integrates Google Translate into article translation tool for editors

Wikipedia is widely leveraged throughout Google products, including in Knowledge Panels used by Search, Assistant, and Home, as well as for fact checks in YouTube. Wikimedia is now integrating Google Translate with its built-in tool for editors to create articles in more languages.

Wikipedia Stories March 15, 2018

This week at SXSW, YouTube announced a new integration to its platform which would put Wikipedia excerpts below some conspiracy videos. It’s a great idea, but awkwardly, Wikipedia was never informed that this was happening…

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Wikipedia Stories March 13, 2018

Today in Austin, Texas at the annual South by Southwest festival, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki announced that Google is planning several moves over the next year to tackle misinformation on the platform. The first of this round of initiatives is called “information cues,” and basically adds links to Wikipedia articles below videos about topics that often the center of debate…

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Wikipedia Stories October 1, 2016

Wikipedia’s Android app is the latest to switch from drawer to bottom bar navigation

Earlier this year, Google added bottom navigation bars to the Material Design spec. Top navigation tabs are still permitted, but apps like Google Photos and Google+ have prominently switched over to the new style. Wikipedia is now the latest to adopt these bottom navigation bars across its Android app…

Wikipedia Stories December 11, 2015

Wikipedia app update adds ‘Search Wikipedia’ option when selecting text in Marshmallow

In addition to improving cut/copy/paste, the redesigned text selection pop-up in Android 6.0 Marshmallow allows developers to take advantage of the new contextual selection feature. The Wikipedia app has been updated so that when text is selected there is now an option to ‘Search Wikipedia’.

Wikipedia Stories December 9, 2014

Wikipedia for Android Beta gets Material UI overhaul, support for Android Lollipop

Update 1/15/15: The non-Beta version of the app was updated today with the same features that came to the beta version last month.

Wikipedia is definitely one the more used Android apps, and today the app’s beta channel has been updated with a plethora of new features. Most notable of them is the fact that today’s release packs a Material design revamp (including a new drawer and overflow menu), and support for Android 5.0 Lollipop. Other features, like the return of the search bar and other layout improvements, are just a couple of the more than a dozen changes made in this version.

The new version also features improvements to search order, Wikidata descriptions under page’s titles in search, and  swipe to refresh on pages and on the “Nearby” tab. You’ll also notice, at the bottom of an article you’re reading, that this new version adds a new section called “Read more” where you’ll find various related articles. Finally, rounding out the more obvious changes, there’s now an option in the “More” section for disabling image loading (helpful if you are strapped for data).

As noted on the app’s Play Store listing, here’s the complete list of changes:

– Material design icons and 5.0 support
– Search bar is back
– Search order improvements
– Wikidata descriptions in search results, similar pages, under pages titles
– Swipe to refresh on pages and for Nearby
– Collapsed infoboxes
– Better tablets layouts
– Read more section
– Allow disabling images
– Basic syntax highlighting of templates while editing
– Hide IPA
– ToC drawer always on
– Similar pages, page issues, reference info display changes
– Display MathML images
– Remove pinch-zoom
You can get Wikipedia Beta for free on the Play Store.

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