Flipboard for Android Stories May 9, 2013

Flipboard brings personalized magazine feature to Android devices

Earlier this year, popular news app service Flipboard brought a personalized magazine feature to iOS, and, today, the feature has made its way to Android devices. Because Android applications can integrate more deeply into the core operating system, the new Flipboard update is even more versatile for custom magazines:

On Android devices, people also have the option to flip an item into a magazine from other applications, including YouTube, a web browser or their photo gallery. There are also many ways to share Flipboard magazines on Android: in addition to the social networks they have connected to Flipboard, Android users can share a magazine from the magazine’s cover “share” button, via text message, email or on Pinterest.

Flipboard has also introduced a new web tools system for personalized magazine creators to edit their magazines via a web browser. Additionally, the new update includes single-sign-on for Facebook accounts and the ability to login to a FinancialTimes account.

Flipboard for Android Stories May 9, 2012


We already know Flipboard made its Android d├ębut last week with the introduction of Samsung’s new Galaxy S III, but today the app is available to everyone willing to download and install the APK themselves. XDA-developer forum user Valcho uploaded the .apk that he extracted from the Galaxy S III, which means you’re getting the actual app. It should also be easily installed through your device’s Web browser, so you will get to try it before its official release on Google Play. Go over to the XDA forums to grab it now.

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