Google Fi Stories November 21

Following the Google Store, Google Fi’s Black Friday takes $300 off the Pixel 7 Pro for both new (number port in required) and existing MVNO subscribers.

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Google Fi Stories November 16

“Unlimited Plus” is Google Fi’s top tier and the MVNO is now adding one year of free YouTube Premium as a subscription perk.

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Google Fi Stories October 12

Buying a Pixel 7 at Best Buy will get you free Google Fi through 2022 

Besides detailing a new Virtual Carrier Network approach, Google Fi today also announced another way to get free service until the end of 2022 by buying a Pixel 6a, 7, or 7 Pro at Best Buy.

Besides beginning to roll out passkey support on Android and Chrome, Google — for Cybersecurity Awareness Month — announced today that Fi now uses a Virtual Carrier Network (VCN) to keep cellular data anonymous on Pixel devices.

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Google Fi Stories October 2

Some Google Maps Local Guides are being offered Google Fi service for free

Google Maps reviews can sometimes earn you perks, and currently, some Local Guides are being offered Google Fi service free of charge.

Google Fi Stories September 28

Google Fi lets Unlimited Plus subscribers add free lines for the rest of 2022

Following a similar offer to attract former subscribers, Google Fi is letting those on Unlimited Plus add free lines at “no additional cost for the rest of 2022.” 

Google Fi Stories September 21

In a bid to get ex-subscribers to rejoin, Google Fi is offering free cellular service “for the rest of 2022.”

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Google Fi Stories September 9

Pixel 6 and 6 Pro are sold out at the Google Fi store [U]

Rather surprisingly, the Pixel 6 is no longer available for purchase from the Google Fi store, while the MVNO variant is not consistently in stock at the US Google Store.

Google Fi Stories September 8

Google Fi is rolling out a trio of updates today that are focused on the MVNO’s international experience when traveling, starting with Wi-Fi calling for iPhone subscribers.

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Google Fi Stories August 22

[Update: Fixed] RCS won’t connect on mobile data for some Fi Pixel users with Android 13

Some Google Fi customers cannot get RCS to connect on their Pixel phones after installing Android 13. That said, this does not appear to be a widespread issue.

Google Fi Stories August 18

Google Fi, the company’s competitor to Mint and Visible, is preparing for the upcoming launch of the Pixel Watch, making it the first smartwatch supported by the carrier.

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Google Fi Stories June 21

Activating Google Fi at Best Buy comes with a $100 bill credit for the next month

Best Buy has sold Google Fi SIM cards since 2019, and a monthlong promo sees new in-store or online activations come with a $100 bill credit. 

Google Fi Stories June 17

In addition to releasing a Pixel update that enables VoLTE roaming this month, Google Fi — as an MVNO — is explaining “how the T-Mobile 3G shutdown affects your service.”

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Google Fi Stories June 2

Back in September of 2020, Google’s internal Area 120 incubator introduced Orion Wifi to let public venues sell Wi-Fi capacity to cellular carriers. Google Fi is now using this approach to expand coverage and calling it the “W+ network.”

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Google Fi Stories April 21

After widget tweaks last year, Google Fi has now redesigned its Android app with Material You. It’s a straightforward modernization as the company is nearly finished visually revamping its biggest apps.

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Google Fi Stories April 12

After discounting their existing plans last week, the Fi MVNO is doing the same for the entire Made by Google phone lineup, including a $399 Pixel 6. 

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Google Fi Stories April 8

Google Fi is officially updating all three of its plans with some much-needed changes that make the service more competitive, with the two Unlimited offerings seeing the biggest improvements.

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Google Fi Stories March 4

Alongside other responses, Google announced this evening that its Voice VoIP service and Fi MVNO are waiving calling fees to Ukraine. The company also provided an update on Project Shield protections.

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Google Fi Stories February 23

Galaxy S22 series doesn’t support eSIM on Google Fi, may be coming in a ‘future update’

The Galaxy S22 ships with its eSIM feature enabled in the United States, and that’s good news for Google Fi, as a coming update will allow the carrier to work without a physical card on Samsung’s latest flagships.

Google Fi Stories February 8

For Safer Internet Day 2022, Google is previewing a handful of new features across several products, including Assistant, Fi, and Account security, and a slew of related initiatives.

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Google Fi Stories January 17

How to contact Google support and give product feedback

No Google app on Android or iOS is without bugs and issues. Fortunately, there’s a way you can contact support and leave feedback for Google app developers. Follow this guide to learn how.

Google Fi Stories December 24, 2021

Google Fi’s year-end gift for subscribers is a $10 Play Store credit [U: Steps for ‘Ineligible’]

Since its inception, Google has given Fi members a holiday gift. For 2021, the “year-end gift” is simply $10 in Google Play credit that can be redeemed from the Fi app.

Google Fi Stories November 21, 2021

The Google Store kicked off its Black Friday sales uncharacteristically early this year, and Fi is now following with a $349 Pixel 5a deal. 

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Google Fi Stories October 29, 2021

Following last week’s initial tweet parade during the Pixel 6 launch event, Google today gave another look at new Material You widgets for Android 12.

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Google Fi Stories October 28, 2021

In addition to blocking spam and offering a built-in VPN, Google Fi will soon gain end-to-end encrypted voice calls. There are, however, some notable requirements to use this capability.

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Google Fi Stories October 21, 2021

In opening pre-orders for the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro on Tuesday, Google Fi also announced that its 5G coverage is expanding “over the coming months” in both the US and internationally. 

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Google Fi Stories August 21, 2021

For the past few years, Google’s MVNO has long offered a built-in virtual private network as part of its monthly subscription. The Google Fi VPN is now rolling out to iPhone users. 

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Google Fi Stories August 17, 2021

Google Fi’s Phone subscription gets you a Pixel 5a, device protection for $15/month

Besides the Google Store, the only other stateside retailer selling the Pixel 5a with 5G is Google Fi. You can buy the Pixel 5a directly through the MVNO, or take advantage of Google Fi Phone subscription.

Google Fi Stories August 16, 2021

The Google Fi app this evening featured an inadvertent reference to the “Pixel 5a (5G).” This leak indirectly revealed how much Google’s upcoming phone will cost, and that it will be available for purchase as part of the MVNO’s “Phone subscription” program.

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Last week, Google Fi started selling Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 3 with a notable $400 credit that goes towards your monthly bill. With that new addition, the Google MVNO also changed its promotion eligibility terms to allow old Fi subscribers to take advantage of deals meant for “new” customers.

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Google Fi Stories August 11, 2021

Following the Pixel 5 and 4a 5G at the end of last month, Google Fi has stopped selling the $349 Pixel 4a today. It went out of stock earlier this week and has since been delisted. 

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The Google Fi store is primarily filled with Samsung devices, and the latest one to be added is the Galaxy Z Flip 3. This reflects how foldables are becoming less niche, though the Fold 3 is absent and likely still too expensive.

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Google Fi Stories July 30, 2021

An ongoing issue with Google Fi sees some subscribers unable to call poison control in certain scenarios. The company is aware of the problem and actively investigating.

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Google Fi Stories July 27, 2021

Over the past weeks, we’ve been tracking how stock of Made by Google’s 2020 lineup has been running low at both the Google Store and various retailers. After being sold out for the most of this month, the first-party Google Fi store today delisted the Pixel 5 and 4a 5G.

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Google Fi Stories May 29, 2021

Google Fi sends out random, garbled text message to iPhone subscribers

The experience of using an iPhone on Fi has come a long way from when it was not officially supported but still worked during the “Project” days to today, where it’s advertised (though 5G does not yet work). That said, iPhone owners on Google Fi yesterday received a random text message yesterday, but there should be nothing to worry about.

Google Fi Stories May 17, 2021

Visible subscribers can now call Google Fi numbers after two-week issue

At the start of May, Visible customers noticed that they weren’t able to call those on Google Fi. This issue with the Verizon MVNO has now been resolved in a rather unexpected issue for this day and age.

Google Fi Stories May 12, 2021

Google Fi store adds Samsung Galaxy A32 5G for $279

The latest phone available on Google Fi is the Samsung A32 5G as the MVNO, like all other carriers, continues its 5G adoption push.

Google Fi Stories April 22, 2021

Google is today marking the sixth anniversary of its MVNO carrier with a new plan that brings the number of total offerings up to three. “Simply Unlimited” is joining Google Fi’s “Flexible” and the just-renamed “Unlimited Plus” plans.

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Google Fi Stories April 5, 2021

[Update: Rolled out] Google Fi for iPhone adds Face/Touch ID ‘Privacy Screen’ to protect voicemails

On iOS, Fi subscribers can check their voicemail through the companion app. An update to Google Fi earlier this week introduces a new “Privacy Screen” feature to lock those messages and other sensitive information with Face or Touch ID.

Google Fi Stories April 1, 2021

Back in October, Google detailed how it would move users of its previous messaging app to alternate services in 2021. As part of the migration, Google has shut down classic Hangouts integration with both Google Voice and Fi.

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Google Fi Stories March 31, 2021

Google Fi MMS issue sees group message replies sent as individual texts

An issue with Google Fi group messaging sees MMS replies annoyingly being sent as individual texts. The problem emerged over the past day with both iPhone and Android subscribers affected.

Google Fi Stories March 10, 2021

It emerged yesterday that from next month, T-Mobile will sell web and app usage information to advertisers unless subscribers manually opt out. Google tells us today that this T-Mobile change to how data is used will not apply to Fi customers.

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Google Fi Stories March 1, 2021

Pixel 4a 5G is $449 on the Google Store, up to $200 off for new Fi customers

Last week, the first Pixel 5a rumors emerged revealing an existing design. The familiar device in question is now down to $449 on the Google Store with the Fi MVNO bringing back a past Pixel 4a 5G promotion.

Google Fi Stories February 18, 2021

Google Fi adds new Motorola phones, running introductory ‘Unlimited’ plan promo

Motorola offers the most affordable phones on Google’s MVNO with a trio of devices launching this week. Google Fi is also introducing a promo where new Unlimited plan customers can get 50% off their first three months of service. 

Google Fi Stories February 9, 2021

Google’s MVNO has offered a virtual private network since the service had “project” in its name. As part of Safer Internet Day, the Google Fi VPN will soon be available for iPhone subscribers.

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Google Fi Stories February 8, 2021

Google’s monthly update on Monday primarily addressed the Pixel 4a 5G’s edge touch recognition issues. However, the February security patch also added support for T-Mobile Standalone (SA) 5G on that phone and the Pixel 5.

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Google Fi Stories January 19, 2021

With some distance from the holidays, Google is bringing back a popular deal where new Fi subscribers can get the Pixel 4a 5G for $299. Meanwhile, existing MVNO members can get the phone for $100 off.

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Google Fi Stories January 14, 2021

Google told Fi subscribers last year that classic Hangouts would no longer support texting or calling in January. A week before the deadline, Google has pushed back that deadline for MVNO subscribers to March.

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