Google Messages Stories June 18

From rolling out end-to-end encryption to the upcoming ability to star messages, Google’s RCS/SMS client has seen a number of feature additions recently. You can now pinch-to-zoom to change the font size in Google Messages for Android.

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Google Messages Stories June 15

Back in November, Google announced that it would start testing end-to-end encryption in Messages for Android. After being limited to the beta channel, E2EE is now rolling out to all stable users.

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If somebody sends you an important text/chat, your natural inclination today on how to save it is most likely screenshotting. Google wants to replace that behavior with the new built-in ability to star in Messages for Android.

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Google Messages Stories June 9

Just over three weeks ago, Google announced Material You as its hyper-personalized design system for creating apps that adapt to users, specifically their Android wallpapers. It will take some time for all apps to get updated, but here’s an early look at Material You theming for Google Messages.

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Google Messages Stories May 31

Google generalizes ‘Messages for web’ sign-in to ‘Device Pairing’

Save for Fi integration, the Messages for web experience hasn’t seen too many updates in recent years. The latest Google Messages for Android makes an odd tweak that renames the web client set-up process to “Device Pairing.”

Google Messages Stories May 20

There are many ways to enter emoji and other expressive media, with most messaging apps offering their own experience. Google Messages is now redesigning its emoji and GIF picker while simplifying entry.

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