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Last month, Google unveiled plans to bring RCS to all Android phones in the United States, scheduled to roll out over the following weeks. Today, a new update to Carrier Services seems to immediately enable RCS on some Android devices, including Google Pixel phones.

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Google Messages Stories November 28

The latest Google Messages beta is now rolling out ‘Verified SMS’ which is aimed at protecting you from unwanted spam text messages or potential phishing attempts.

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Google Messages Stories November 14

Last month, a method was discovered to force enable RCS/Chat messaging on almost any Android phone with the Google Messages app. As of this morning, this trick is no longer needed, as Google has officially launched RCS messaging in the US, bypassing carriers. Google has now explained how this RCS migration will affect those who used the unofficial trick.

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How to enable RCS messaging on Google Messages for Android

RCS messaging is finally coming to Android smartphones in the United States after a trial in some other countries. If you want to get in on the action, here’s what you’ll need to do to enable RCS messaging on Android.

Earlier this year, Google took over the RCS rollout from carriers in the UK, France, and Mexico. With no market still so reliant on SMS as the US, Google today announced that it’s officially rolling out RCS in Messages stateside.

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Google Messages Stories November 4

Google Messages rolling out new image viewer UI w/ Material Theme buttons

Google Messages, the default SMS app for Pixel phones and arbiter of RCS chat for those in the UK and France (or anyone else who wants in), is rolling out a new UI for its images view with new Google Material Theme buttons for downloading and sharing.

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