Google News Spain Stories December 22, 2014

Unofficial Google News compromise in Spain may offer a way out of the mess

Although Google News officially closed in Spain on 16th December following a new law which would have required it to pay Spanish news sites for the small excerpts shown in its search results, Search Engine Land notes that the service effectively lives on in a couple of ways.

First, Google is inserting news content into a “En las noticias” box within regular search results of Google Spain, similar to how it does this with “In the news” box for its English language sites […]

[Second,] after someone does a search, they can narrow listings down just to news content using the “Noticias” link (which is the same as the News link on English-language sites). This provides them with Google News Spain content, just without the ability to browse stories by topic.

While Spanish newspapers originally lobbied for the law, it didn’t take them long to realize the folly of doing so. While Google isn’t likely to change its mind, and reversing a law almost as soon as it has passed would be politically difficult, it may be that this compromise will provide a way forward – no-one losing face, but things continuing more-or-less as they were.

Provided Spanish newspapers have the sense to keep their heads down, and not object to the unofficial continuation of the service, it may be that almost everyone will be at least fairly happy.

Google News Spain Stories December 17, 2014


Spanish newspaper websites have seen their web traffic drop by an average of 10-15% after a law they lobbied for drove Google News out of the country. The figures were shared with GigaOM by web analytics company Chartbeat, which tracks around 50 Spanish news sites.

The law required Google to pay a fee for every story excerpt it displayed in search results, leading to the company – which generates no income from the ad-free Google News service – to close the service in Spain. Publishers clearly realized the implications right away, making a forlorn plea for the Spanish government to somehow ‘force’ Google to re-open the service …  expand full story

Google News Spain Stories December 15, 2014

Google's Madrid offices

Google’s Madrid offices

Most newspapers were slow to get the hang of the Internet, and Spanish ones more than most, it appears. After successfully lobbying for a law which would force Google to pay them every time it quoted even the smallest excerpt of a story in its Google News search results, Google responded by closing the service in Spain.

Belatedly realising they will now be missing out on all the traffic Google used to drive to their websites, the Spanish newspaper publishers’ association AEDE is asking the government to force Google to re-open the service, reports The Spain Report …  expand full story

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