Google News Stories October 19

Google Discover linking to Google News full coverage, tests ‘hearts’ for feedback

After adding a Web Stories carousel, Google Discover is making two tweaks to cards. The first sees a “heart” being used for feedback, while Discover on some articles will link to Google News full coverage.

Google News Stories October 1

Back in June, Google announced that it would license content from news publishers for a new feature that would appear across its products. The company today unveiled “Google News Showcase” and a $1 billion investment.

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Google News Stories September 2

If you open up the Google News app today and see a notice that you’re using a confidential “dogfood” build, you’re not alone.

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Back in November, Google Assistant augmented user-curated “News briefings” with a personalized “mix of top headlines and stories based on your interests.” “Your News Update” is now coming to Google Podcasts, while more natural text-to-speech is also available.

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Google News Stories August 13

Google News adds weather alerts to temperature card

In a nod to its “News & Weather” origins, Google News has always included the current temperature and condition at the top of the app. A recent update sees Google News add weather alerts. 

Google News Stories June 29

Back in April, Google introduced easy access to COVID-19 information across Assistant, Podcasts, and News. The latest feature for the latter app surfaces local information, including reopening timelines.

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