Google News Stories October 25

Google is pushing for more apps and better quality on Wear OS following the launch of the Pixel Watch and expansion of Wear OS 3, and it seems the company is also applying that to some of its own apps. Apparently, Google News is getting a new Wear OS app.

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Google News Stories October 18

It’s not often we talk about iOS or iPhone over here at 9to5Google, but for those entrenched within the Apple hardware ecosystem, you have access to a number of iOS-exclusive Google app lock screen widgets you won’t find on Android. Are they any good? We’ve gone hands-on to find out if Android users are missing out.

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Google News Stories October 3

Following Chrome and Google Drive last week, Google has rolled out the iOS 16 Lock Screen widget updates to Gmail and Google News.

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Google News Stories September 22

How to customize your news feed in Google News and Google Discover

On Android, there are a couple of ways of accessing Google News, and there are a few ways to customize your Google News and Google Discover feed. This guide will take you through how to block certain sources, tell Google what you’re interested in, and save the stories you really like.

Google News Stories September 12

With iOS 16 launching for the iPhone today, Google is detailing upcoming Lock Screen widgets across six major apps set to arrive over the coming weeks.

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Google News Stories June 22

To mark its 20th anniversary this year, Google News on desktop is getting a redesign today that focuses on customization by “bringing Top stories, Local news, and personalized picks for you to the top of the page.”

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Google News Stories May 4

Following the trend set by many other Google apps, Google News is the next product set to gain a Material You redesign on Android, and we have your first look.

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Google News Stories November 3, 2021

Google News comes back to Spain after 7 years following copyright changes

Following the couple of years where it was needed most, Google announced today that it is relaunching Google News in Spain after a gap of seven years where it wasn’t available.

Google News Stories October 29, 2021

Following last week’s initial tweet parade during the Pixel 6 launch event, Google today gave another look at new Material You widgets for Android 12.

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Google News Stories June 3, 2021

The likes of Google and Facebook are often cited as the reason for declining newspaper revenue. A research study commissioned by Google is now pushing back against that belief and pins declining newspaper revenue on the loss of classified print ads.

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Google News Stories May 24, 2021

Google’s $1 billion licensing program to support publishers and surface new card-based content is now coming to the desktop web. News Showcase will be available on the Google News website after previously being limited to Android and iOS. 

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Google News Stories March 8, 2021

Google Search adding ‘Full Coverage’ context to developing news stories

The big revamp of Google News in 2018 introduced a “Full Coverage” feature that brings together context and other perspectives for major stories in one feed, and it’s now coming to Search.

Google News Stories January 12, 2021

Google Search Console adds Google News performance report

Google today added a new Google News performance report to Google Search Console. Google Search Console allows webmasters to track the performance of their web pages in Google Search, long offering insights into Google Search rich snippets like Top Stories, and other Google products like Discover. Now it offers extensive information about content performance in Google News.

Google News Stories December 2, 2020

Back in October, Google unveiled a $1 billion plan to pay publishers for content that appears in its “News Showcase” carousel. Google News Showcase is expanding today with a number of updates.

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Google News Stories October 19, 2020

Google Discover linking to Google News full coverage, tests ‘hearts’ for feedback

After adding a Web Stories carousel, Google Discover is making two tweaks to cards. The first sees a “heart” being used for feedback, while Discover on some articles will link to Google News full coverage.

Google News Stories October 1, 2020

Back in June, Google announced that it would license content from news publishers for a new feature that would appear across its products. The company today unveiled “Google News Showcase” and a $1 billion investment.

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Google News Stories September 2, 2020

If you open up the Google News app today and see a notice that you’re using a confidential “dogfood” build, you’re not alone.

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Back in November, Google Assistant augmented user-curated “News briefings” with a personalized “mix of top headlines and stories based on your interests.” “Your News Update” is now coming to Google Podcasts, while more natural text-to-speech is also available.

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Google News Stories August 13, 2020

Google News adds weather alerts to temperature card

In a nod to its “News & Weather” origins, Google News has always included the current temperature and condition at the top of the app. A recent update sees Google News add weather alerts. 

Google News Stories June 29, 2020

Back in April, Google introduced easy access to COVID-19 information across Assistant, Podcasts, and News. The latest feature for the latter app surfaces local information, including reopening timelines.

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Google News Stories June 25, 2020

Google announced today that it will pay publishers for high-quality content. Licensed stories and articles will appear in a “new news experience launching later this year.”

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Google News Stories May 31, 2020

Back in April, Australia set out to force Google (and Facebook) to pay local publishers for content that appears in products like Search and News. An AU$600 million to $1 billion yearly payment has recently been suggested, with Google Australia today offering a rebuttal and explaining how its business works.

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Google News Stories April 21, 2020

Google Discover grouping together ‘COVID-19 news’ in one list

Earlier this month, Google noted how coronavirus-related searches are surpassing its most common and consistent queries. For its part, the company is surfacing resources everywhere from Search to Assistant. Google Discover is now compiling COVID-19 news into one glanceable card.

Google News Stories April 20, 2020

The Australian government is set to force Google and Facebook to pay for local news content in the region.

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Google News Stories April 6, 2020

With search queries about COVID-19 surpassing even those for weather and the news, Google in recent weeks has worked to compile that information together. In Google News, there is a new COVID-19 hub, while Assistant and Podcasts have similar experiences.

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Google News Stories January 3, 2020

Digital magazines were once touted as the future (and savior) of print media. Heralded by the iPad, Google’s solution took on many forms and moved from app-to-app. Currently in Google News, the company announced that its removing and “discontinuing print-replica magazines” support.

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Google News Stories November 15, 2019

Google News ‘Beyond the headlines’ card highlights in-depth reporting

Google News last year saw a big redesign on the web and mobile apps. The latest update introduces a “Beyond the Headlines” section to surface “more in-depth content that highlights and explores key issues in our society.”

Google News Stories November 4, 2019

Google News for Android and iOS now supports bilingual feeds

In recent years, Google has strived to make its products work better internationally. Google News for Android and iOS now supports bilingual feeds to show stories for up to two “languages & regions of interest.”

Google News Stories October 22, 2019

Google News is now set to offer enhanced coverage of the world’s premier intercontinental club soccer tournament, the UEFA Champions League.

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Google News Stories September 26, 2019

Google ending its Nextdoor-esque ‘Bulletin’ service for ‘hyperlocal stories’

In early 2018, Google launched a “hyperlocal” news service called Bulletin. Nextdoor-esque in nature, it remained a “pilot” throughout its entire life and is now being shut down later this year.

Google News Stories August 22, 2019

WSJ owner News Corp planning Google News competitor called ‘Knewz․com’

News publishers have historically been upset with Google and Facebook over a variety of issues related to payment and content ranking. News Corp, which owns the Wall Street Journal, is now planning a Google News competitor called “” to address those concerns directly.

Google News Stories July 16, 2019

Google Search on the desktop web has seen a slew of visual refreshes in recent weeks. The latest is a substantial redesign of the News tab that does a better job of highlighting headlines and publishers.

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Google News Stories May 7, 2019

Google will bring Podcasts and Full Coverage news to Search later this year

During the Google I/O 2019 keynote today, Google revealed a big change for Search. Starting later this year, the company is bringing Full Coverage and Podcasts into Google Search starting later this year.

Google News Stories April 15, 2019

The future of Google News in Europe is now in doubt as EU member states approved The EU Copyright Directive. The new law – which could see Google having to pay publishers to include brief snippets in search results – was previously passed by the European Parliament, but was subject to approval by individual countries.

Not every country agreed to implement the directive, but most did so this morning …

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Google News Stories April 2, 2019

Google News 5.10 hints at in-app crosswords, more sports coverage [APK Insight]

Relaunched last May at I/O 2018, the Material Theme and AI-powered Google News will be one year old next month. Besides text, images, and videos, an upcoming addition to Google News might be crosswords. Google News 5.10 also details possible work on more sports coverage.

Google News Stories March 4, 2019

Since last year, Google has been a vocal opponent of the European Union’s Copyright Directive. While the company recognizes the need for legal modernization, it argues that there are unintended consequences for the publishers and other parties that the EU is trying to help. Google yesterday shared its response to the finalized text ahead of a broader vote.

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Google News Stories February 18, 2019

Over the weekend, Google presented a white paper at the Munich Security Conference detailing how it fights disinformation across its largest services. This includes efforts covering Google Search, News, and YouTube, as well as advertising platforms.

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Google News Stories February 14, 2019

There is now some uncertainty about the future of Google News in Europe after the European Union finalized its controversial new copyright legislation.

Google had previously showed how dramatically its search results could be affected, and warned that it may shut down the service in Europe …

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Google News Stories February 6, 2019

Last month, Google tested the impact of Search news results that lacked snippets, headlines, and images to comply with the European Union’s proposed Article 11. Ahead of the Copyright Directive being finalized, the company shared how news publishers could see a 45% reduction in traffic.

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Google News Stories January 22, 2019

Google last week revealed how Search results for news would appear if the European Union proceeded with Article 11 of its Copyright Directive. With ratification now stalled, Google today reiterated that it might have to pull Google News from Europe if changes are not made.

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Google News Stories December 28, 2018

Google Photos suggesting ‘Best of 2018’ photo book as Google News recaps ‘Year in News’

The year is rapidly coming to a close and Google’s various services over the past few weeks have released recaps. Google News is now offering users a “Year in News” collection, while Google Photos is suggesting “Best of 2018” photo books.

Google News Stories November 19, 2018

In recent weeks, the European Union’s Copyright Directive has come under immense online scrutiny, with Article 13 possibly resulting in YouTube blocking some videos in the continent. However, Article 11 — dubbed a “link tax” — has potentially equal ramifications, with Google News possibly shutting down as a result.

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Google News Stories November 5, 2018

Google News update will help publishers more easily find their sites

Google News is an incredibly powerful tool for online publishers because it puts articles right in front of a huge audience. Now, the company has revealed that an coming Google News update will add some enhancements for publishers.

Google News Stories October 23, 2018

Google News bug burns through excessive data, one user sees $240 bill

Spare a thought for one poor Google News user who, due to an application background refresh error, received a data bill for $240 having used 7.65GB of extra data whilst charging overnight.

Google News Stories October 5, 2018

Google News debuted earlier this year at I/O and it’s still one of the best examples of Google’s Material Theme design language, but like many other Google apps, it’s primarily white. Now, though, a Google News dark mode is available in the latest update.

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Google News Stories September 10, 2018

Google News gets data-saving enhancements with offline saving, rolling out soon

Google News got a massive revamp back at Google I/O this year, and along with plenty of other new features and enhancements came new mobile apps. Today, Google is announcing some new data-saving changes for the Google News app…

Google News Stories August 28, 2018

President Trump claims Google is rigging search results against him [Updated]

Early this morning, the President of the United States tweeted of his discontent toward Google’s search results, claiming a bias toward left-wing media. In his tweets, the President claims that searching for the phrase “Trump news” primarily returns results from “National Left-Wing Media” with Republican and conservative publications being “shut out.”

Google News Stories August 9, 2018

Since launch, Google Assistant has answered “What’s the news” by playing what are essentially short podcasts from publications like CNN or surfacing a carousel of articles on phones. Moving forward, Assistant will now leverage the recently revamped Google News to keep you up-to-date.

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