Google News Stories October 2

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Google will no longer force sites with a paywall to offer ‘first-click free’ content

Google plays a big role in bringing traffic to online publishers, but for sites with paywalls, the company made a controversial move a few years back. Now, the company is backtracking on that (as reported last month) to appease those outlets.

Google News Stories September 15

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Google News adds ‘Community Updates’ to keep you up-to-date on local events

This June, Google News on the web received a big Material redesign that simplified navigation and offered more perspectives, especially from local sources. The site is now adding a new feature that builds on the latter improvement: Community Updates.

Google News Stories August 18

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Many consumers expect web content to be free and will suffer through most ads rather than subscribe to various publications. This, of course, comes as a great detriment to publishers and their business. With several new efforts, Google is now trying to help publications boost their subscriptions and monetization.

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Google News Stories June 27

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Google News has received a massive redesign on the web that focuses on readability and simplified navigation. Feature-wise, it has more personalization, while better highlighting different perspectives and fact-checking.

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Google News Stories April 7

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Google has today announced a major expansion of the Fact Check tool it first introduced back in October of last year to help counter fake news. The tool was initially limited to Google News, and restricted to just two countries, the UK and USA.

Google says that it is now making the tool available in Search as well as News, and rolling it out globally in all languages.

With thousands of new articles published online every minute of every day, the amount of content confronting people online can be overwhelming.  And unfortunately, not all of it is factual or true, making it hard for people to distinguish fact from fiction. That’s why last October, along with our partners at Jigsaw, we announced that in a few countries we would start enabling publishers to show a “Fact Check” tag in Google News for news stories. This label identifies articles that include information fact checked by news publishers and fact-checking organizations.

After assessing feedback from both users and publishers, we’re making the Fact Check label in Google News available everywhere, and expanding it into Search globally in all languages

You won’t, however, be offered a Fact Check for every single search you conduct …

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Google News Stories October 13, 2016

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Earlier this year, Google News began highlighting local coverage of major news stories with a “Local Source” tag. Google is now adding a “Fact check” label to verified articles in the US and UK on the web and mobile apps.

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