Google News Stories April 19

Google News is partially down for some Android, iOS, & web users

According to several reports this afternoon, Google News is partially down for some users. The errors somewhat vary with some users not being able to access the main feed, while others note that U.S. section is offline.

Google News Stories February 20

Google News has dropped support for its dedicated news meta keywords

Search is at the core of Google’s business, and Google News plays a huge role in search for its users, as well as publishers. As Google News has continually evolved, Google has adjusted how it works, and now, it’s removed the meta news keyword that publishers have been using for quite some time.

Google News Stories January 25

Besides the Material redesign last year, Google News also added a new “Community Updates” section to highlight local info and publications. Google is now expanding its focus on local news with a new service called Bulletin.

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Google News Stories December 18, 2017

Google will no longer show news results from sites that hide their location

“Fake news” is probably one of the most recognizable terms to come out of 2017, and Google has certainly had to work to prevent illegitimate sources from showing in search results. Especially in the case of tragedies, Google’s news results this year have pulled up alarming results, and the company is continually taking steps to fix these issues.

Google News Stories October 2, 2017

Google will no longer force sites with a paywall to offer ‘first-click free’ content

Google plays a big role in bringing traffic to online publishers, but for sites with paywalls, the company made a controversial move a few years back. Now, the company is backtracking on that (as reported last month) to appease those outlets.

Google News Stories September 15, 2017

Google News adds ‘Community Updates’ to keep you up-to-date on local events

This June, Google News on the web received a big Material redesign that simplified navigation and offered more perspectives, especially from local sources. The site is now adding a new feature that builds on the latter improvement: Community Updates.

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