Google News Stories April 21

Google Discover grouping together ‘COVID-19 news’ in one list

Earlier this month, Google noted how coronavirus-related searches are surpassing its most common and consistent queries. For its part, the company is surfacing resources everywhere from Search to Assistant. Google Discover is now compiling COVID-19 news into one glanceable card.

Google News Stories April 20

The Australian government is set to force Google and Facebook to pay for local news content in the region.

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Google News Stories April 6

With search queries about COVID-19 surpassing even those for weather and the news, Google in recent weeks has worked to compile that information together. In Google News, there is a new COVID-19 hub, while Assistant and Podcasts have similar experiences.

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Google News Stories January 3

Digital magazines were once touted as the future (and savior) of print media. Heralded by the iPad, Google’s solution took on many forms and moved from app-to-app. Currently in Google News, the company announced that its removing and “discontinuing print-replica magazines” support.

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Google News Stories November 15, 2019

Google News ‘Beyond the headlines’ card highlights in-depth reporting

Google News last year saw a big redesign on the web and mobile apps. The latest update introduces a “Beyond the Headlines” section to surface “more in-depth content that highlights and explores key issues in our society.”

Google News Stories November 4, 2019

Google News for Android and iOS now supports bilingual feeds

In recent years, Google has strived to make its products work better internationally. Google News for Android and iOS now supports bilingual feeds to show stories for up to two “languages & regions of interest.”

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