Google News Stories March 8

Google Search adding ‘Full Coverage’ context to developing news stories

The big revamp of Google News in 2018 introduced a “Full Coverage” feature that brings together context and other perspectives for major stories in one feed, and it’s now coming to Search.

Google News Stories January 12

Google Search Console adds Google News performance report

Google today added a new Google News performance report to Google Search Console. Google Search Console allows webmasters to track the performance of their web pages in Google Search, long offering insights into Google Search rich snippets like Top Stories, and other Google products like Discover. Now it offers extensive information about content performance in Google News.

Google News Stories December 2, 2020

Back in October, Google unveiled a $1 billion plan to pay publishers for content that appears in its “News Showcase” carousel. Google News Showcase is expanding today with a number of updates.

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Google News Stories October 19, 2020

Google Discover linking to Google News full coverage, tests ‘hearts’ for feedback

After adding a Web Stories carousel, Google Discover is making two tweaks to cards. The first sees a “heart” being used for feedback, while Discover on some articles will link to Google News full coverage.

Google News Stories October 1, 2020

Back in June, Google announced that it would license content from news publishers for a new feature that would appear across its products. The company today unveiled “Google News Showcase” and a $1 billion investment.

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Google News Stories September 2, 2020

If you open up the Google News app today and see a notice that you’re using a confidential “dogfood” build, you’re not alone.

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