Google News Stories November 5

Google News update will help publishers more easily find their sites

Google News is an incredibly powerful tool for online publishers because it puts articles right in front of a huge audience. Now, the company has revealed that an coming Google News update will add some enhancements for publishers.

Google News Stories October 23

Google News bug burns through excessive data, one user sees $240 bill

Spare a thought for one poor Google News user who, due to an application background refresh error, received a data bill for $240 having used 7.65GB of extra data whilst charging overnight.

Google News Stories October 5

Google News debuted earlier this year at I/O and it’s still one of the best examples of Google’s Material Theme design language, but like many other Google apps, it’s primarily white. Now, though, a Google News dark mode is available in the latest update.

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Google News Stories September 10

Google News gets data-saving enhancements with offline saving, rolling out soon

Google News got a massive revamp back at Google I/O this year, and along with plenty of other new features and enhancements came new mobile apps. Today, Google is announcing some new data-saving changes for the Google News app…

Google News Stories August 28

President Trump claims Google is rigging search results against him [Updated]

Early this morning, the President of the United States tweeted of his discontent toward Google’s search results, claiming a bias toward left-wing media. In his tweets, the President claims that searching for the phrase “Trump news” primarily returns results from “National Left-Wing Media” with Republican and conservative publications being “shut out.”

Google News Stories August 9

Since launch, Google Assistant has answered “What’s the news” by playing what are essentially short podcasts from publications like CNN or surfacing a carousel of articles on phones. Moving forward, Assistant will now leverage the recently revamped Google News to keep you up-to-date.

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