Google Password Checkup Stories February 23, 2021

Android’s ‘Autofill with Google’ manager now warns about compromised app passwords

Back in 2019, Google introduced an extension that warned about compromised credentials, and it later became a native Chrome feature. Password Checkup is now being integrated into Android’s “Autofill with Google” system when signing into third-party apps.

Google Password Checkup Stories July 30, 2020

Google sunsetting Password Checkup extension now that it’s integrated with Chrome

Early in 2019, Google introduced Password Checkup to warn of breached third-party logins. Originally a Chrome extension, the tool was integrated into its online password manager and later the browser itself. Next month, Google will sunset the dedicated Password Checkup Chrome extension.

Google Password Checkup Stories October 2, 2019

Originally announced as a Chrome Extension, Google is expanding and integrating Password Checkup across two key products. This feature, which checks the strength and security of your saved credentials, is coming to the Google Account’s built-in password manager and the Chrome browser.

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Google Password Checkup Stories February 5, 2019

Safer Internet Day is officially today, but Google is spending the entire week discussing security and launching new features. The first is a Password Checkup Chrome extension that will advise users to reset credentials breached on third-party sites, while Cross Account Protection extends first-party tools to re-secure breached Google Sign In apps.

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