Google Chrome Extensions Stories April 19

Chrome Web Store adding Established Publisher and Featured extension badges

Over the past few years, Google has worked to clean up, boost privacy, and increase security on the Chrome Web Store. The latest effort introduces badges in the Chrome Web Store to better highlight high-quality extensions.

Google Chrome Extensions Stories January 10

Apple-owned Shazam has just released a Chrome Extension that works to identify what’s playing in your “Netflix or YouTube video, that Soundcloud mix or in a Twitch streamed video game,” but it doesn’t work for all users just yet. 

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Google Chrome Extensions Stories November 3, 2021

The Chrome New Tab Page on desktop (Mac, Windows, Linux) and Chrome OS can be customized by third-party extensions so that users “discover something new every time [they] open a new tab.” Google’s new “Tab Maker” tool lets anyone create such an extension with “no coding required.”

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Google Chrome Extensions Stories September 23, 2021

For the past few years, Google has been working on a new specification for building Chrome extensions. Manifest v3 became available earlier this year with Chrome 88. In launching, the company has been conscious of how big a shift the privacy-preserving aspects are, and today detailed the transition away from Manifest v2.

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Google Chrome Extensions Stories August 19, 2021

Over the years, Google has worked to minimize the security risks posed by browser add-ons. Enterprise administrators now have a new option that lets managed Chrome users request extensions as needed.

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Google Chrome Extensions Stories July 20, 2021

As part of the broader Chrome 92 update today, Google is expanding the availability of Site Isolation on Android, as well as to extensions on desktop browsers.

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Google Chrome Extensions Stories June 29, 2021

Google today announced the latest set of policy changes to limit extensions abuse and improve security of the Chrome Web Store. This includes requiring 2FA for Chrome Web Store developers and cracking down on deceptive installations.

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Google Chrome Extensions Stories June 4, 2021

Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Mozilla working to standardize browser extension development

Google, Apple, and the other major browser vendors today announced a WebExtensions Community Group (WECG) at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to “work together to advance a common browser extension platform.”

Google Chrome Extensions Stories May 28, 2021

Manifest V3 is the latest specification for building Chrome extensions. The update was controversial in that it affected ad blockers, but Google maintained that privacy was the priority. Mozilla announced yesterday that it would support Manifest V3 extensions in Firefox to “maintain a high degree of compatibility to support cross-browser development.”

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Google Chrome Extensions Stories February 4, 2021

This afternoon, Google has delisted the popular extension The Great Suspender for containing malware and is proactively disabling the extension for those who have it.

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Google Chrome Extensions Stories January 31, 2021

Besides iTunes, Apple’s biggest offering on Microsoft’s operating system is the iCloud sync client for files, photos, and mail. Apple is now extending its presence on Windows with an iCloud Passwords Chrome extension.

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Google Chrome Extensions Stories January 27, 2021

Apple planning to release ‘iCloud Passwords’ Chrome extension for Windows

Over the years, Apple has made available a handful of application for Microsoft platforms to mostly serve iPhone owners using Windows. One of primary apps today is an iCloud sync client, and Apple looks to soon be releasing an iCloud Passwords Chrome extension.

Google Chrome Extensions Stories July 30, 2020

Google sunsetting Password Checkup extension now that it’s integrated with Chrome

Early in 2019, Google introduced Password Checkup to warn of breached third-party logins. Originally a Chrome extension, the tool was integrated into its online password manager and later the browser itself. Next month, Google will sunset the dedicated Password Checkup Chrome extension.

Google Chrome Extensions Stories June 17, 2020

Google has released a new Chrome extension, called Link to Text Fragment, that allows you to easily create and share a link to a particular portion of a page.

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Google Chrome Extensions Stories May 30, 2020

Right now, the only way to use Chrome extensions on Android is to use an alternative browser like Kiwi Browser, which is based on the same Chromium browser engine. The developer responsible for Kiwi Browser is working with Google and Samsung to bring Kiwi’s extensions support “upstream” to Chromium for other Chromium-based browsers to use freely.

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Google Chrome Extensions Stories April 30, 2020

Google imposes new restrictions on Chrome extensions to help prevent spam

Since the Chrome Web Store has become the sole source of Chrome extensions, as well as a begrudging secondary provider for Microsoft Edge extensions, safety and security is of the utmost importance. To that end, Google has announced a new set of restrictions on Chrome extensions that should help cut back on spam.

Google Chrome Extensions Stories April 22, 2020

With everyone — including students of all ages — working from home, video conferencing apps like Zoom have become essential parts of daily life. However, the Chromebooks that many students have handy were hindered by not being able to install the Chrome extension for either Zoom or Hangouts, but that has just changed.

Update 4/22: Even more extensions are coming soon to Chromebooks with Family Link.

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Google Chrome Extensions Stories December 3, 2019

Chrome extension gives Google Tasks a full-screen UI

One of Google’s simpler services is Google Tasks, which offers traditional to-do lists that are synced across your devices with your Google Account. However, while Google Tasks has a convenient app for Android and iOS, the only way to access it from the web is from the sidebar of other Google apps like Gmail. A third-party developer has created an alternative way to access Google Tasks in full-screen on your laptop, desktop or Chromebook.

Google Chrome Extensions Stories July 23, 2019

With Project Strobe, Google is conducting a “root-and-branch review” of third-party developer access to personal data. In May, the company announced that the initiative would look at Chrome Extensions, with new policies coming into effect this October.

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Google Chrome Extensions Stories July 8, 2019

New Chrome extension hides your Netflix binging as Hangouts Meet call

It’s the Monday after a long weekend and you might not want to get back to work just yet. Thanks to a new Chrome extension you can procrastinate a while longer and finish up Stranger Things 3 or any other Netflix show while on your important, do not disturb “Hangouts Meet” call.

Google Chrome Extensions Stories May 30, 2019

Just before last year’s October 9th event, Google announced Project Strobe to review third-party access in all services, including Android. This initiative is now cracking down on Chrome extensions and requiring them to use less data, as well as to stop deceptive install practices.

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Google Chrome Extensions Stories March 12, 2019

Jigsaw is an Alphabet incubator tasked with using technology to tackle global security challenges. Notable projects include protections against DDoS attacks and DNS manipulation. Its latest is a Chrome extension called Tune to filter out toxic online comments with machine learning.

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Google Chrome Extensions Stories February 19, 2019

An “experiment” in Chrome 72 is causing a bug that breaks certain extensions, including ad blockers, extensions that integrate with Gmail, and some VPNs. Thankfully it’s easy to fix, and get your extensions back to working as expected.

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Google Chrome Extensions Stories February 5, 2019

Safer Internet Day is officially today, but Google is spending the entire week discussing security and launching new features. The first is a Password Checkup Chrome extension that will advise users to reset credentials breached on third-party sites, while Cross Account Protection extends first-party tools to re-secure breached Google Sign In apps.

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Google Chrome Extensions Stories January 29, 2019

Last week, Google unveiled the first draft of a collection of changes to the Chrome extensions platform, known as Manifest V3, which received almost immediate backlash from the developers of ad blocking extensions. The developer of Tampermonkey is now joining in on the Manifest V3 conversation, detailing how it would stop the popular extension from working altogether on Chrome.

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Google Chrome Extensions Stories January 23, 2019

Yesterday, it was uncovered that Google is proposing a new set of rules and APIs for Chrome extensions to use, called Manifest V3, which, among other things, would severely hamper the capabilities of ad blocking extensions like uBlock Origin. The extension developer community is lashing back in a large way, with the developers of well-known Chrome extension Ghostery even considering an anti-trust complaint should the proposed change go through.

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Google Chrome Extensions Stories January 22, 2019

Over the years, Google Chrome has changed in many ways, some good, some not so much. Google is proposing a new change to Chrome that arguably falls into the latter category as it will adversely affect the functionality of ad blocker extensions like uBlock Origin and AdGuard.

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Google Chrome Extensions Stories October 1, 2018

Chrome Extensions are very useful, but are ripe for abuse given the utility and wide-ranging access. Google in the past year has taken steps to police extensions, but is today announcing more policies aimed at developers, as well as new options to give users more control.

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Google Chrome Extensions Stories July 23, 2018

Google also deprecating ‘Bookmark Manager’ Chrome extension next month

Over the weekend, we spotted that the “Save to Google” extension for Chrome was set to be discontinued next month. The reasoning behind that is still unclear, but the scheduled deprecation of another Google-made extension makes more sense.

Google Chrome Extensions Stories July 22, 2018

Unbeknownst to most users, Google has long featured native “Save” functionality to bookmark links and images. First built into Image Search and later the Search app on Android, Google also maintained a Chrome extension to save pages. However, Google is set to kill that client next month, thus sending mixed signals on the future of the feature.

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Google Chrome Extensions Stories January 4, 2018

Chrome applying machine learning to counter deceptive extension installs

Chrome has long allowed sites to display install prompts for browser extensions to provide a seamless experience. Protections help insure that these inline installations aren’t abused. However, Google is now going further by making abuse detection run faster and more accurately.

Google Chrome Extensions Stories September 9, 2016


Recently Twitter launched a new dark-themed “Night Mode” for its Android and iOS apps. The new theme trades bright whites and blues for a dark blue background with lighter accents colors. Twitter hasn’t mentioned anything about bringing this new mode to the web anytime soon, but a new Chrome extension brings the functionality over, mostly, with just a simple click…

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Google Chrome Extensions Stories August 25, 2016


Following the announcement of Allo, Google reiterated that Hangouts would remain as an enterprise-focussed messaging solution. To that extent, Hangouts will continue to receive new features, including an updated Chrome extension that introduces a tablet-like UI.

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Google Chrome Extensions Stories April 20, 2016

Google Keep gets a Chrome extension to easily save & add notes to links and images

Update: The Android app is receiving a similar update that allows users to add notes right from the Share menu. Additionally, hashtags in notes now act as labels.

Google Keep started out as a basic, cross platform note taking app with reminders and has slowly gained more features like image uploading, advanced search, and drawing. An update today adds a new Chrome extension that allows users to easily save and markup web pages and images.

Google Chrome Extensions Stories February 29, 2016

Chrome extension lets you make Donald Trump ‘Drumpf’ again [Video]

In case you missed it, John Oliver took 20 minutes on Last Week Tonight to roast Donald Trump, finishing the skewering with mentioning that one of Trump’s ancestors actually changed the family name from “Drumpf”. Tying this in with his opinion that “Trump” is little more than a brand (and that it’s that brand that has given him this much success thus far), Oliver says that we have to decouple the man from the name so that we can see Donald for who he really is.

Enter the Drumpfinator Chrome extension…

Google Chrome Extensions Stories December 15, 2015

Want to avoid all Star Wars: The Force Awakens spoilers? There’s a Chrome extension for that…

The first screenings of Star Wars: The Force Awakens will take place from tomorrow night in certain parts of the world. If, like me, you can’t go to see it this week you’re going to have a task on your hands trying to avoid spoilers. Once screenings have taken place, the internet will be full of comments and reviews of the most exciting movie to hit theaters this millennium. Thankfully, there’s a Chrome browser extension to which should make it easier to avoid reading them.

Star Wars Spoiler Blocker helps you avoid spoilers by detecting content on page and blurring it out with a full-screen graphic. It’s currently in version 1.0, and was originally released at the end of last month. But with this week being Star Wars week, we felt it right to bring it to your attention before it’s too late.

If you have any burning questions like ‘Does Luke Skywalker turn evil?’, ‘Will the Ewoks make an appearance?’ or ‘Does Princess Leia still have the gold bikini?’, you’ll be able to wait until you see the movie for yourself to find out. As with virtually every extension, the Star Wars Spoiler Blocker is free to install on your browser.

Google Chrome Extensions Stories May 19, 2015


Researchers at Google have today launched a wacky new experimental Chrome extension that lets you share the URL of your current browser tab with nearby Chrome users only using sound. It’s called ‘Tone’ and to use it, both you and receiver of the link you would like to send need to be in earshot of one another, be using Chrome with the Tone extension installed, and have computers with decent speakers and microphones… expand full story

Google Chrome Extensions Stories May 11, 2015

New Chrome extension solicits user feedback about the browser

Google today launched a new extension for Chrome that’s intended to directly help the company improve its browser. It’s called Chrome User Experience Surveys, and the gist is that users with the extension installed will occasionally get a pop up survey in their browser window when something unusual or unintended occurs in their browsing experience; these surveys should typically take less than 2 minutes to complete and are capped at appearing a maximum of four times per week.

In the company’s product forums, the Chrome team has proactively provided answers to some concerns they anticipate to be raised, including whether or not the company will collect and store browsing history with this extension (answer: no), and whether or not the extension will impact a user’s browser performance (again, the answer is no). “The only data this extension sends to Google is when these infrequent events occur and your survey responses,” the team states in the post. Keep in mind that if you use other Google services like Search and Gmail, they probably already have a lot of data about you anyway.

Google Chrome Extensions Stories May 6, 2015

An example of a webpage made almost unusable by injected ads

An example of a webpage made completely unusable by injected ads

A Google-sponsored study carried out by the University of California, Berkeley and Santa Barbara found “tens of millions of instances” of ad malware in the course of just a few months. In all, they found that a staggering 5.5% of unique IP addresses – representing millions of users – were affected.

Ad injection malware drops its own ads into whatever web page an infected machine displays. Revenue from these ads is filtered through ad networks, where genuine companies end up paying the bills, effectively stealing revenue that should have gone to the websites themselves.

Some of this malware goes further than simply injecting ads …  expand full story

Google Chrome Extensions Stories April 29, 2015


Google today is launching a new tool called Password Alert that will allow users to keep track of sign-ins on their account with notifications and change their password if necessary. The new tool comes in the form of a Chrome extension and allows users to easily change their password if a fraudulent sign-in attempt is detected. expand full story

Google Chrome Extensions Stories November 5, 2014


Google announced today that it’s releasing a new Chrome extension called Application Launcher for Drive that allows users to open files directly from its Google Drive service in compatible apps on a Mac or PC. The extension adds an “Open With” option that will let users launch files in apps like, for example, Mac OS X’s Preview app or third-party editing apps like those from Adobe and Microsoft. expand full story

Google Chrome Extensions Stories August 28, 2014

Google adds Analytics statistics to its Publisher Toolbar extension

Today, Google announced that it has integrated Google Analytics statistics into its Publisher Toolbar. This gives website administrators fast access to performance statistics, making it easier for them to gauge trends and other data related to their web properties. Available to download from the Chrome Web Store, the Publisher Toolbar also lets you quickly monitor individual ad stats and block inappropriate content from your website.

Google Chrome Extensions Stories June 6, 2014


Today, Microsoft announced the availability of its OneNote Clipper extension for Chrome. Released earlier this year, this point and click app lets users snap bookmarks of just about anything on the web, making them available to be viewed at a later time. Kind of sounds familiar, huh? To download this software visit while using Chrome and click the install button.

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Google Chrome Extensions Stories November 11, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 2.46.34 PM

ZOMG, Rather, a brand new Chrome extension is the last best tool you’ll ever need to block unwanted annoyances in your Facebook and Twitter feeds. Did you miss last night’s episode of Walking Dead and you’re tired of seeing spoilers in your feeds? Good news, Rather will let you replace any mention of the Walking Dead with images of puppies!

You should be on notice that Rather replaces based on keywords and can’t block out unwanted images of Miley Cyrus if she isn’t mentioned by name. The replacement photos are also grabbed via Instagram, so if some crazy teenager tags her Instagram image with “cats” you might see it appear in your feed as well. The bottom line is that the service, while awesome in its design, isn’t foolproof.

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Google Chrome Extensions Stories December 11, 2012


Google today announced on Google+ that it is introducing a new Chrome extension that will allow users to save content from on the web directly to their Google Drive account. Using the new Chrome extension, users will be able to select which part of a webpage they want to save, such as “an image of a page, the HTML source code, or a Web archive.” Once installed, users will also get an option to save images, links, or files directly to Drive when right clicking.

commentsonimagesGoogle also explained it has made enhancements to the photo viewer in Google Drive that allows users to zoom, fit to page, and comment:

We’ve also added a few new ways to work with images that are already stored in Drive. You can now zoom by scrolling or using the new fit to page and 100% buttons. And if you have something to say about a specific part of an image, you can select a region and add a comment to it.

The Google Drive Chrome extension is available from the Chrome Web Store here.

Google Chrome Extensions Stories August 21, 2011

Google has been on a role rolling out new designs across all of their products, including Google Search. Techno-Net (via Google Operating System) has discovered that with a small cookie change you can try the latest version of Search. The new version features a less uncluttered look, but we’ve read it isn’t as fast as the version you know and love. Head on past the break to see how it’s done.

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Google Chrome Extensions Stories July 14, 2011

A new Chrome Extension called GTools+ allows you to customize Google+ to your liking. The extension features many customizations — like moving Chat to the Google Bar, adding an unread counter for Gmail and Reader, language translation for posts from your foreign friends, and the ability to keep the Google Bar at the top of the page when you scroll down. GTools+ is available on the Chrome Web Store. All of GTools+’s features:

- Unified Google bar, your personalized menu is possible on all Google services!
- Stick the Google+ bar always on top when you scrolling
- Prevent open in new tab or window when you click on link inside the Google+ bar
- Change the position of the chat for put in the Google+ Bar
- Change the color of the notification bubble in the Google+ bar
- Right click on the extension icon for go to the options page fastest
- Add a translation link in the context menu (auto detect the post language)
- Add notification for Gmail and Reader in the Google Bar.
- Edit the color of any notification bubble.

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Google Chrome Extensions Stories July 8, 2011

A new extension Google+Facebook adds your Facebook newsfeed right into Google+. As you can see in the screenshot above, a Facebook icon is placed right next to the home icon at the top of the page. While it doesn’t give you all the functionality of Facebook, it’s a nice tool to have to update your status and check out the latest news from your friends that haven’t moved to Google+.

Google+Facebook was developed using the Crossrider framework, a framework that is used to build an extension across all three popular browsers: Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. While we wish the extension was up on the Chrome Web Store, for those of us who use Chrome, it sadly isn’t. For now we’ll have to hit up the download that is available on Crossrider. Check out Crossrider’s demonstration of Google+Facebook after the break.

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