Google Chrome Extensions Stories July 23

Google also deprecating ‘Bookmark Manager’ Chrome extension next month

Over the weekend, we spotted that the “Save to Google” extension for Chrome was set to be discontinued next month. The reasoning behind that is still unclear, but the scheduled deprecation of another Google-made extension makes more sense.

Google Chrome Extensions Stories July 22

Unbeknownst to most users, Google has long featured native “Save” functionality to bookmark links and images. First built into Image Search and later the Search app on Android, Google also maintained a Chrome extension to save pages. However, Google is set to kill that client next month, thus sending mixed signals on the future of the feature.

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Google Chrome Extensions Stories January 4

Chrome applying machine learning to counter deceptive extension installs

Chrome has long allowed sites to display install prompts for browser extensions to provide a seamless experience. Protections help insure that these inline installations aren’t abused. However, Google is now going further by making abuse detection run faster and more accurately.

Google Chrome Extensions Stories September 9, 2016

Recently Twitter launched a new dark-themed “Night Mode” for its Android and iOS apps. The new theme trades bright whites and blues for a dark blue background with lighter accents colors. Twitter hasn’t mentioned anything about bringing this new mode to the web anytime soon, but a new Chrome extension brings the functionality over, mostly, with just a simple click…

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Deal: Get Pixelbook at 25% off: $750!

Google Chrome Extensions Stories August 25, 2016

Following the announcement of Allo, Google reiterated that Hangouts would remain as an enterprise-focussed messaging solution. To that extent, Hangouts will continue to receive new features, including an updated Chrome extension that introduces a tablet-like UI.

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Google Chrome Extensions Stories April 20, 2016

Google Keep gets a Chrome extension to easily save & add notes to links and images

Update: The Android app is receiving a similar update that allows users to add notes right from the Share menu. Additionally, hashtags in notes now act as labels.

Google Keep started out as a basic, cross platform note taking app with reminders and has slowly gained more features like image uploading, advanced search, and drawing. An update today adds a new Chrome extension that allows users to easily save and markup web pages and images.

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