Google Chrome Extensions Stories April 7

With everyone — including students of all ages — working from home, video conferencing apps like Zoom have become essential parts of daily life. However, the Chromebooks that many students have handy were hindered by not being able to install the Chrome extension for either Zoom or Hangouts, but that has just changed.

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Google Chrome Extensions Stories December 3, 2019

Chrome extension gives Google Tasks a full-screen UI

One of Google’s simpler services is Google Tasks, which offers traditional to-do lists that are synced across your devices with your Google Account. However, while Google Tasks has a convenient app for Android and iOS, the only way to access it from the web is from the sidebar of other Google apps like Gmail. A third-party developer has created an alternative way to access Google Tasks in full-screen on your laptop, desktop or Chromebook.

Google Chrome Extensions Stories July 23, 2019

With Project Strobe, Google is conducting a “root-and-branch review” of third-party developer access to personal data. In May, the company announced that the initiative would look at Chrome Extensions, with new policies coming into effect this October.

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Google Chrome Extensions Stories July 8, 2019

New Chrome extension hides your Netflix binging as Hangouts Meet call

It’s the Monday after a long weekend and you might not want to get back to work just yet. Thanks to a new Chrome extension you can procrastinate a while longer and finish up Stranger Things 3 or any other Netflix show while on your important, do not disturb “Hangouts Meet” call.

Google Chrome Extensions Stories May 30, 2019

Just before last year’s October 9th event, Google announced Project Strobe to review third-party access in all services, including Android. This initiative is now cracking down on Chrome extensions and requiring them to use less data, as well as to stop deceptive install practices.

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Google Chrome Extensions Stories March 12, 2019

Jigsaw is an Alphabet incubator tasked with using technology to tackle global security challenges. Notable projects include protections against DDoS attacks and DNS manipulation. Its latest is a Chrome extension called Tune to filter out toxic online comments with machine learning.

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