Google Account Stories February 11

If you’re not using security keys, the Google Prompt is the next best two-factor authentication method to protect accounts. Google is now updating the Prompt’s Android UI with a much-needed dark theme. 

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Google Account Stories October 7, 2020

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness month, with Google yesterday highlighting what Chrome is doing to protect user privacy and security. Today, the company announced a Google Assistant guest mode and in-app critical security alerts.

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Google Account Stories June 24, 2020

Google last May introduced auto-delete controls where your history and activity information is removed after 3 or 18 months. The company today is making this the default behavior across key settings for new users.

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Google Account Stories March 6, 2020

You can now enroll Google Account security keys on Android and Safari for macOS

Google in recent months has expanded and simplified 2-step verification across first-party services. Security keys for Google Accounts can now be enrolled on Android and macOS.

Google Account Stories January 14, 2020

Last year, Google announced that all Android 7+ devices can be used as two-factor authentication when signing into Gmail, Drive, and other first-party services. Most modern iPhones can now be used as a built-in phone security key for Google apps.

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Google Account Stories December 16, 2019

Google reportedly blocking some Linux-specific web browsers from signing in to Google Account

When most people think of web browsers, the usual suspects come to mind — Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, etc. — but over the history of the internet, far more browsers have been created. Recently, people who use some Linux-specific browsers, including Falkon, reportedly found themselves blocked from logging in to their Google Accounts, preventing the use of services like Gmail.

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