Google Account Stories December 17, 2018

One of the first places that the Google Material Theme widely rolled out to was the Google Account settings on Android. A similar revamp is now available on the web, with the new design sharing many similarities to mobile, but better optimized to take advantage of the bigger screen real estate.

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Google Account Stories October 31, 2018

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month and Google is announcing a slew of new features related to the sign-in process and account usage. New Google Account security protections include requiring JavaScript to be enabled when logging in and removing harmful apps during Security Checkup with Play Protect.

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Google Account Stories July 17, 2018

Google tweaks sign-in page again, tones down new Material Theme component

Google last month announced a new sign-in page for logging into your Google Account that takes advantage of several new Material Theme stylings. “Unforeseen delays” delayed that launch, but it is finally rolling out this week with one tweak.

Google Account Stories June 21, 2018

Online privacy has been a big focus for many tech companies this year, and Google is no exception. We’ve been tracking a redesign of the “Google Account” page for a while now, and today, Google is officially announcing that change.

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Google Account Stories June 14, 2018

Prior to I/O 2018, we enabled a redesigned look for Google Account settings on Android. Today, this Google Material Theme revamp for Google Account settings is widely rolling out. In addition to offering a new visual design, it is better at presenting key information.

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To allay privacy concerns about its ad-centric business model, Google since 2009 has maintained a centralized dashboard to control ads, with later tools allowing for muting and seeing why a specific ad was displayed. The latest change today redesigns Ad Settings with a focus on making it easier for users to understand and control.

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