Javascript V8 Stories April 13, 2017

Over the past few versions, Google has made a number of tweaks to improve Chrome’s performance across the board. The latest┬áhas improved JavaScript page load performance in the browser by 10-20% over┬áthe past year.

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Javascript V8 Stories March 8, 2013

Chrome for Android updated with background audio and performance enhancements

Google updated its Chrome for Android app today with a number of performance enhancements including improved scrolling, better responsiveness for pinch-zooming, and improvements to “interactive pages thanks to the latest version of the V8 javascript engine.” Google is also including background audio support in this release and “expanded support HTML5 features”:

What’s in this version:

Updates in this version of Chrome for Android include improved text font clarity and stability fixes in addition to: 1. Improved scrolling performance 2. Increased responsiveness to pinch-zooming on pages 3. Faster interactive pages thanks to the latest version of the V8 javascript engine 4. Audio now continues to play while Chrome is in the background. Audio playing in Chrome will now pause when the phone is in use. This requires an additional permission 5. Expanded support for HTML5 features

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