lmy48m Stories September 9, 2015


Update: Google has now uploaded the LMY48N (Note: Not M) image for the Nexus Player.

Update 2: Google has now uploaded LYZ28K and LVY48F images for the Nexus 6 on T-Mobile and Project Fi, respectively.

As we told you yesterday, Google is pushing out one of its monthly security updates to the spectrum of still-supported Nexus devices. While you should start seeing the update — with build number LMY48M — showing up on your carrier Nexus devices over-the-air, Google has now uploaded the update to its Nexus factory image page for the Nexus 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, and 10… expand full story

lmy48m Stories September 8, 2015

Google preparing to release another security update for Nexus devices today

It was about a month ago that Google announced that it would begin pushing security updates to Nexus devices on a monthly basis, and now it looks like the second of those is about to be released. The Nexus factory images page hasn’t been updated yet, but several software update pages on T-Mobile’s website say that Google is pushing out a mandatory update today with “Android security enhancements” and “minor bug fixes”…

There’s definitely not much to see here, and this update doesn’t even go as far as to patch any specific vulnerabilities (in contrast to last month’s update, which very clearly intended to patch the vulnerability in Stagefright. We’ll update this post as soon as Google uploads the images, but you can also just keep up to date by checking your device for an OTA. Many of the updates sport build LMY48M, and range between 7 and 30 MB.

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