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‘Signature Touch for Bentley’ is a Vertu Android phone with the car maker’s logo

New Signature Touch for Bentley phone launched

In the early days of cellular telephones, phone carriers rampantly took smartphones from OEMs and branded them with logos and their own names. In 2016, British car company Bentley slapped a “3D logo” on an expensive Vertu smartphone, added a little bit of exclusive content, and called it a day…


Lamborghini unveils luxurious Tauri 88 gold and leather smartphone for $6,000

Tauri 5

If you can afford to spend upwards of $200,000 on a brand new Lamborghini, then chances are you are doing quite well for yourself. If that is the case,┬áthen look no further than the luxury car maker’s new Tauri 88 smartphone in gold and leather. For just $6,000, you are getting an Android-based smartphone with some impressive specifications under the hood. You can’t miss this deal. Expand