NumberSync Stories December 15, 2015

Samsung Gear S2 picks up AT&T’s NumberSync feature through update

AT&T first announced its new NumberSync feature back in October and said it’d come first to Samsung’s Gear S2 which launched on the network last month.

Today AT&T says NumberSync is rolling out through an update to Gear S2 smartwatches, marking the first product to pick up the new feature which lets you share your real smartphone phone number with other connected devices to make calls and texts simple.

Existing customers can get NumberSync on Gear S2 through a software update. New customers can enjoy NumberSync upon initial setup.

NumberSync lets you send and receive texts1, as well as make and receive calls, from your smartwatch2 using the same mobile number that your family, friends and colleagues already recognize.

NumberSync operates on the AT&T wireless network and is not dependent on a Bluetooth connection to your smartphone. You can even use it when your smartphone is off or disconnected from the network.

AT&T is also temporarily offering the Gear S2 for $99 on a two-year contract, $100 off the regular contact price. Check out our Gear S2 unboxing and review video here.

NumberSync Stories November 2, 2015

Samsung Gear S2

A few weeks ago AT&T announced an upcoming network-level feature called NumberSync, which will allow customers to use one phone number on multiple connected devices like smartwatches, tablets, and connected cars. As promised, the carrier is unveiling the first two devices that will work with NumberSync: the Samsung Gear S2 and LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE.  expand full story

NumberSync Stories October 14, 2015


AT&T is announcing a new network-level advancement called NumberSync capable of sharing one phone number with all connected devices. With NumberSync, AT&T customers will soon be able to use what’s called mobile twinning to share a single phone number with multiple SIM cards in smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, and other connected devices. The goal is to let you send and receive phone calls or messages from all your connected devices without relying on a specific app or operating system feature. expand full story

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