QHD display Stories August 11, 2014

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When Oppo’s Find 7 was first announced, it was one of the front runners in its category. A smartphone with a 5.5-inch QHD display and the latest specs under the hood. Unfortunately, it took a while for it to be released and LG’s G3 took the QHD throne first. Either way, the Find 7 is a powerful smartphone that’s just as capable as its competition.

Today we’re taking a quick look at what this device has to offer. There are a lot of similarities between the Find 7 and LG G3. In some aspects they are the same phone, but which one is going to win at the end of the day? Due to carrier availability, LG might have this one in the bag.

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QHD display Stories June 7, 2014


LG’s G3 is the big shot smartphone on the block and packs high-end specifications much like its competition, but with one big wow factor. The 5.5-inch display found on the G3 has a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 giving it a screen density of 538 PPI, and trust us, that’s as beautiful as it sounds. Every inch of the display is crisp and almost looks as if all of the imagery was printed on a thin piece of glass.

This may be the device to buy in 2014, but we’ll let you know in our full review. Find out more about its beautiful QHD display, specifications, and everything else the G3 has to offer in our hands-on and first impressions video below.

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