You’ve probably heard by now that today marks a rare astronomical event, a 100-minute total lunar eclipse. It begins today at 11:20am Pacific time, but only folks from the right hemisphere will be able to enjoy it (South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia). Worry not, Google has partnered with Slooh Space Camera “to let you experience the spectacle wherever you are in the world, in real time”.

Googler Noel Gorelick, chief extraterrestrial observer and technical lead in special projects (you gotta love Googlers for their sense of humor) noted in a blog post that Slooh will host a live mission interface using Google App Engine right here.

Live event begins in an hour or so so don’t forget to visit the site, they’ll host audio narrations from real-life astronomers. Live stream? On Google’s official YouTube channel. You can also check out the Sky layer in Google Earth or enjoy the eclipse on the go using the free Slooh Space Camera app for Android.

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