spectrum Stories March 29, 2018

Wireless spectrum in the U.S. is always in demand, especially as carriers prepare for the impending launch of 5G networks. However, a significant chunk of airwaves are becoming available this year, with the potential to open up the industry. Google is leading the push and positioning itself to take advantage, possibly becoming a big player in the process.

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spectrum Stories December 6, 2013

T-Mobile finally takes advantage of MetroPCS merger, will use new spectrum to enhance LTE network

All Things D reports that T-Mobile is finally taking advantage of this year’s MetroPCS merger. The fourth-largest mobile carrier in the U.S. plans to use the new spectrum to offer even faster speeds on its LTE network nationwide. Some markets are already seeing an increase in speed, and more will see faster service next year. The company says it hopes to cover up to 90% of its current subscriber base with improved service.

In direct contrast to this data network improvement, T-Mobile is also planning to launch new pre-paid plans with no data allowance included, according to TMo News. The carrier confirmed that the new plans will come with unlimited talk and text, but will not include any data. These new pre-paid plans will be available on December 8th, the same day AT&T is launching its new selection of plans.

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