supervised users Stories June 20, 2014

Chrome OS now supports supervised user access

If a Chrome OS device is one of your household’s main routes to the internet and you’re ready to extend this option to your children, you’ll now have some new tools at your disposal. Google recently added supervised user support to its growing platform, which lets Chromebook and Chromebox owners set up secondary profiles on their Chrome OS devices.

supervised users Stories January 14, 2014

Google releases Chrome 32 w/ tab indicators, new Win8 Metro design & more

Google today released Chrome 32 bringing a few notable features it launched for beta users back in November. Included in the release are noisy tab indicators, which puts a small speaker icon on tabs to let you see tabs that are making noise at a glance. You’ll also see other icons for tabs using your webcam or sending content to your TV (as pictured above). Google says the latest stable release also includes a stronger Safe Browsing malware warnings and beta preview of the supervised users feature to help families monitor browsing habits and set restrictions.

In addition to the above and new apps/extension APIs for developers,Chrome 32 also brings a redesigned Windows 8 Metro mode:

Manage multiple Chrome windows and quickly get to your favorite Chrome Apps with an integrated app launcher.  On the desktop, we’ve updated the default styling of UI elements like form controls and scrollbars to match the sleek design of the new Chrome Metro interface.

The latest version of Chrome is available now.

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