training Stories May 2, 2016

Google acquires training service Synergyse, will integrate into Apps later this year

Google continues to double down on its enterprise offerings with more than two million businesses around the world paying for the Apps suite of products. To encourage users to make the most out of Gmail, Drive, and Calendar, Google is acquiring cloud-based training software company Synergyse.

training Stories May 29, 2015

Google has partnered with Udacity to offer a nanodegree in Android development (Update: live June 3 Q&A)

Update: Google is holding an “Ask the Experts” session today, June 3rd, at 2PM PDT where Sebastian Thrun, Peter Lubbers, and Jocelyn Becker from Udacity and Google will be answering user-submitted questions about the Android Nanodegree program. The Q&A session will be live-streamed on YouTube and there’s also a form where you can submit any questions you may have.

Yesterday Google’s Sundar Pichai said on stage at the company’s I/O conference that 8 out of every 10 phones that shipped worldwide last year were running Android, and that 600 million new smartphone users came online over the past year. That’s a lot of devices running the company’s smartphone OS, and they really want developers to realize the potential of their apps reaching that many people. So much so that they spent over $4 million developing an extensive Android development course in partnership with Udacity.

training Stories December 16, 2011

Google launches new Android Training program for new developers

Google launched a Android Training program to teach new developers about the platform. The program offers various tips to using the Android framework correctly and how to use it in the most efficient manner. While the Android team plans to add more, currently there are only classes for designing multiple screens, improving layout performance, managing […]

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