Trusted Contacts Stories July 25, 2017

Late last year, Google released Trusted Contacts – an app for securely sharing your location with friends and family members to easily let each other know that you’re safe and sound. The app launched with a sleek design and respectable feature set, but with the latest update to version 1.5, Trusted Contacts is now more customizable and easier to use than ever before.

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Trusted Contacts Stories December 6, 2016

Android Basics: How to send an alert to your Google Trusted Contacts

With the debut of Google’s latest application, Trusted Contacts, users can now share their exact GPS coordinates with friends and family members in case they are ever in danger or need assistance. Thankfully, once the application has been configured properly, there is a quick and easy way to send out an alert with your location to all of your trusted contacts…

Trusted Contacts Stories December 5, 2016

Android Basics: How to add contacts to Google’s Trusted Contacts

This morning Google introduced a new location sharing application called Trusted Contacts that allows you to share your exact GPS location to friends and family. Before you can share your location, though, you first have to go through the process of adding contacts to the application…


The world we live in today is a dangerous one, so keeping tabs on friends and family can be important in a lot of situations, such as walking home at night, going out on a hike, or in the worst of cases, natural disasters. Most people tend to call, sometimes frantically, to find out where their loved ones are, but now there’s a new option — Trusted Contacts by Google.

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Android Basics: How to share your exact location for 24 hours in Google’s Trusted Contacts

One of the best features found in Google’s brand new Trusted Contacts application is the ability to share your exact location with others. This allows your friends and or family members that you have setup as trusted contacts to easily check to make sure you have made it to your destination safely as well as allowing you to send a message asking for assistance if needed…

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