Typography Stories May 13, 2015

YouTube is now using Android’s official font

If you have a pair of sharp eyes and watch cat videos on YouTube a lot, you may have noticed today that the font used on Google’s video streaming website has changed. It is now Roboto, subtlety different from the previous font—Arial.

Roboto is the official type family used for Android. The font comes in several weights but the one Google has gone with is slightly lighter than what users may be used to compared to the Arial font. This will surely lead to some complaints about it being harder to read, but I think it looks fine, and going for consistency across platforms is logical.

The company previously tested the change with a small group of users, so they at least have data to back up their decision.

Have you noticed the new font? What do you think about it?

Typography Stories May 1, 2013


Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 11.15.37 AM

Last month Google announced it was dropping ‘web’ from its Google Web Fonts brand and today made their robust font collection available to download for the desktop via sync with SkyFonts.

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Typography Stories April 22, 2013


Google has rebranded its font collection Google Fonts, which debuted in February 2011, dropping the ‘web’ from Google Web Fonts while still boasting its catalog of over 600 free, open-source fonts optimized for the web.

Google has also simplified the web interface with a more modern design, which allows users to view font examples in various formats, including word, sentence, and paragraph.

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