Skype 5.5 for Android remembers log-in details, adds web link previews

Skype for Android is getting an update today that brings two notable new features. The app now remembers log-in details making it faster and easier to sign-in, while chat gets the web link previews feature that first arrived on the Mac and iOS.

With the improvements we’ve made to battery use and notifications, you can comfortably leave Skype running on your Android devices without signing out. However, for those of you who still want to sign out, we’ve made it easier for you to sign back into the app.

With the app’s new ability to remember log-in details, users will be to decide whether or not a password is required for each log-in. The app will remember your password by default, but you can switch it off in Settings in the Privacy section.

Skype also notes that web link previews, a thumbnail showing a preview of webpages for links shared in chat windows, will start appearing for Android users over the next few weeks with the latest update.

Version 5.5 of Skype for Android is available on Google Play now.