Skype Stories June 24, 2020

The latest Skype Insider Preview has brought with it Android Auto support, but sadly only for sending and receiving SMS messages.

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Skype Stories June 5, 2019

Skype screen sharing now out of beta on iOS and Android

Screen sharing on Skype is now available to the masses, as the feature is officially out of beta and rolling out to iOS and Android devices right now.

Skype Stories April 12, 2019

Skype adding screen sharing support to Android and iOS app when in video calls

Skype might not be the most used or the most popular video calling service any longer, but that doesn’t mean it has dwindled in support and features. The Microsoft-owned video chat application is planning on adding screen sharing to upcoming releases and has already added support for the feature in its latest beta for Android and iOS.

Skype Stories July 16, 2018

Skype adding cross-platform video call recording this month, Android included

Starting this month, Skype users will be able record video calls natively within the Android app. The new cloud-based feature will work with group calls as well as capturing screen sharing.

Skype Stories November 21, 2017

Skype removed from Chinese Android app stores after request from Ministry of Public Security

Skype has been removed from Android app stores in China following a request from the Ministry of Public Security …

Skype Stories November 9, 2017

Skype seems to be having a little difficulty at present figuring out whether it wants to be a business service or a consumer one. After recently adding Slack-like notifications, mentions and more, it is now adding Snapchat-style photo filters.

As seems obligatory for app updates these days, the filters claim to be AI-powered …

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