Walmart Stories June 4

Cheap Android tablets are everywhere, and they’re largely garbage. However, with Amazon’s $50 Fire Tablet on the market, there’s at least one decent option to compete against. Recently, Walmart debuted its own cheap Android tablets, and I’ve been checking one out in person for the past few days. Here are some quick thoughts on why it’s a halfway decent alternative to Amazon.

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Walmart Stories May 22

Earlier this year it was reported that Walmart was working on bringing its own Android tablets to the market to compete with Amazon’s popular Fire tablets. This week, those tablets have finally gone on sale with the Walmart Onn tablet starting at $64.

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Walmart Stories April 2

Even though the retail giant dropped its partnership with Google Express earlier this year, Walmart hasn’t stopped its collaboration with Google Home. Today, Walmart is announcing a new Google Assistant integration which gives users the ability to quickly order their groceries using just their voice.

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Walmart Stories March 15

Android tablets have largely been disappointing over the years, but the advantage for many of them has been pricing. Now, Walmart is reportedly working on two Android tablets.

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Walmart Stories January 24

Google Express shopping loses support for products from Walmart

When you order products online, it’s likely from Amazon. Google Express has slowly been built up as a competitor to Amazon for certain cases, and a huge reason for that was thanks to a partnership with Walmart. Now, though, Walmart has disappeared entirely from Google’s shopping platform.

Walmart Stories June 1, 2018

Walmart launches $50/month online shopping service for people who hate online shopping

In what may be the most bizarre launch so far this year, Walmart has launched a premium shopping service using an unlikely mix of old and new technology …

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