ComScore has taken a look at the most used mobile apps across the iOS and Android platforms. Though mapping is a crucial feature on smartphone and tablet devices, Facebook’s mobile application actually surpassed the usage of Google Maps on iOS and Android in 2012.

ComScore says that a drop in Google Maps usage occurred this past fall because of its removal from the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with iOS 6. However, even though it still is behind Facebook on the list, Google’s Maps software once again picked up steam when it came back to iOS via the App Store


Though Google is not number 1 on ComScore’s list, the company still has a hold on five of the top six spots. Other than Google Maps, Google Play, Google Search, Gmail, and YouTube all made the cut for the top six (in order).

ComScore also explains that Facebook holds the crown for actual mobile application engagement with 23% of time spent in apps by users. Facebook’s Instagram holds a 3% share. Notably, Google’s applications (combined) have a 10% portion of the engagement statistics. Gmail is the most used Google application, according to the report.

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