Today T-Mobile has made things official for availability and pricing on Google’s recently launched Nexus 5. Arriving for online orders Nov. 14 and in stores on Nov. 20, T-Mobile will be offering the 16GB Nexus 5 for $41.99 down with its usual monthly payments of $17. That brings the total cost of the device on T-Mobile up to $450, around $50 more than Google charges for the 32GB model and $100 more than the 16GB model on Google Play. That’s not unusual, however. Google has long subsidized the cost of its Nexus devices sold through Google Play.

The device has been going for slightly more than through Google just about everywhere (between $400 and $500), and today Sprint officially started offering the 16GB model for $149 on the usual two-year contract.

Unfortunately you won’t be able to grab the Nexus 5 from Google and take advantage of T-Mobile’s $30 unlimited Web/text 100min pre-paid plan. The carrier confirmed that’s only available for devices purchased at Wal-Mart and activated at

T-Mobile also started accepting preorders for the LTE variant of Google’s new Nexus 7 today. It’s available for $384 or $0 down and $16/month for 24 months.

Full press release below:

Nexus 5 Launches at T-Mobile In Time for Early Holiday Shopping

At the top of most everyone’s holiday wish list this year are cutting-edge consumer electronics, and a shining example –  Google Nexus 5 – launches online at on Nov. 14 and in T-Mobile retail stores and select dealers Nov. 20.

T-Mobile makes it easy and affordable to get the hottest Android smartphone in time for the holidays with an upfront cost of only $41.99 down and 24 equal monthly device payments of $17[1] with T-Mobile’s Simple Choice Plan. T-Mobile offers Nexus 5 customers an unprecedented wireless experience by freeing them from annual service contracts, overage worries, ridiculous upgrade restrictions and complicated plans while on a speedy nationwide 4G LTEnetwork. Consumers can sign up for more information on Nexus 5 at

Powered by the latest and most advanced Android™ 4.4 OS, Nexus 5 is built to deliver a pure Android experience with a stunning, lightweight design, powerful 2.26GHz quad-core processor and LTE capabilities to keep people connected and multitasking while on the go. The vibrant 5-inch full HD display and advanced 8MP camera with Optical Image Stabilization deliver crisp and more true-to-life colors for all mobile entertainment, gaming, photo and video activities.

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8 Responses to “T-Mobile’s Nexus 5 arrives Nov. 14 online, Nov. 20 in-stores for $450”

  1. Jordan, I’m using the Nexus 5 on the Wal-Mart plan, just as I used the Nexus 4 and countless other phones that were never purchased from Wal-Mart. The plan is only for activations through Wal-Mart or activated on, not “and”.

  2. They supposedly aren’t carrying the 32gb version but are they carrying both white and black? Not sure if Id buy one but Id definitely want to see it in person. I wouldn’t pay the TMobile overage, but I would take it to Straight Talk and switch to an ATT SIM card to get 2.5gb of LTE data for $45 (Ive been using a Tmobile SIM in the past because my current phone can’t access Tmo LTE) The low price is the most attractive thing to me – combined with a no contract affordable plan.

  3. If Tmobile is charging $100 more, you’d think they’d have Wifi Calling for their users who can’t make calls otherwise because of the carriers poor network

  4. I bought the Google Play S4 in July & immediately went to T-Mobile & signed up for the $30/100 plan. What T-Mobile says & what their store employees actually do may not be the same. Worth trying. My guess is so long as you buy your phone elsewhere, not just Wal-Mart, they’ll let you get the $30/100.

  5. robhof says:

    Is that true just for the Nexus 5 (which isn’t available at Wal-Mart to my knowledge)? Because I got the $30 plan for a Galaxy Nexus. Unfortunately, the Galaxy Nexus uses a larger SIM, not the microSIM, so I was wondering if I could order a microSIM and just put it in the Nexus 5. Thanks.