Samsung has just released the teaser video above showing what most people are assuming is our first official glimpse at the Nexus Prime. While there is no way to confirm for sure if this is the Prime, it’s pretty obvious leading up to the Mobile Unpacked conference where most expect Google and Samsung to unveil the device. The commercial also notes “Another perfect combination is just around the corner”, which is an obvious hint that Sammy and Goog have been working on something together.

For the most part the commercial (above) doesn’t actually show off a device, but we do get a quick glimpse at the end showing what appears to be a smartphone with a curved display. There are also some noticeable pin connectors shown on the side, which could possibly be for a dock of sorts.

Below is a freeze frame from the video showing the curved display. Of course the blue accent line accompanying the device in the video probably makes the curve seem a little more exaggerated than it actually is.

We’ll be bringing you updates as they happen from Samsung’s Mobile Unpacked 2011 event on October 11th.

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(via Android Police)

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