Along with updates to the Google Reader UI and the roll out of the GoogleTV 2.0 update, an update to the Google+ app for Android is live on the market today. The update brings so many changes, Lead Product Manager of Google+ Games and Mobile is calling it a “completely new Google+ app”

The UI has been given a complete overhaul and now seems like it will fit in a little nicer with the impending Ice Cream Sandwich roll out (it also closer resembles the iOS Google+ app UI). Among the other enhancements to the app– improved battery performance, notification improvements, a new posting UI, support for Google Apps users, and the ability to sign out. You can also now add people to a circle from circle profiles.

Android Police notes that the update removes the Google+ widget but Google+ Mobile product manager Punit Soni has confirmed that it will return soon for non-ICS devices. You should see the new Google+ app appearing in the market today. More images and full list of new features below.

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What’s in this version:

  1. Completely new app and new visual design
  2. Battery life improvements
  3. Navigation and performance improvements
  4. Significant notifications improvements
  5. Brand new posting UI
  6. Several bug fixes
  7. Support for Google Apps users
  8. Ability to sign out
  9. Add people to a circle from circle profiles

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