LG is lobbying Google to score a collaborating partnership on the next Nexus device.

“We’re having discussions,” said head of LG’s smartphone division Ramchan Woo to CNET in an interview. “We’re working on it.”

Garnering the honor would gain LG an ounce of prestige in the mobile industry, because the handset maker would have absolute access to Google’s offerings. Even if the financial benefits are on the low-end for LG, the company will inevitably surface with an impeccable reputation after working with the Mountain View, Calif.-based technology giant…

While LG is vying for the opportunity, Woo contended neither side has committed. Furthermore, speculation still brews over which Android version LG will implement on the cooperated device. Jelly Bean is the next major release expected to run on tablets alongside Windows 8. LG’s direct access to Jelly Bean would bolster its name as a major Android contender.

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