Verizon Wireless muddied the water earlier this year when it announced that it would not allow Galaxy Nexus users to access Google Wallet. Many began to theorize that Big Red’s move was a defense for its own ISIS mobile payment solution brewing, but a few crafty folks figured out a way to bypass Verizon’s restrictions.

Now, merely a day after the Federal Communications Commission slapped Verizon with a $1.25 million charge for not keeping the “open network” pledge it made when it bought a block of 700MHz spectrum, things have changed. As JR Rafael noted, why does the open network standard not apply to Google Wallet too?

Engadget reported this evening that Verizon Galaxy Nexus owners can now access Google Wallet without any workarounds. The news also comes just after Google Wallet was updated with remote wipe, a web app, and support for all major credit cards yesterday afternoon. Right now, Verizon Galaxy Nexus users do not appear to be able to search for Google Wallet on the Play store and download it; however, they can download Google Wallet with a direct link. Folks, give it a try. [Google Play via Engadget

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