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Following a translated report yesterday claiming that LG was planning to introduce its first smartphone with a flexible OLED display, The Wall Street Journal chimes in today with more details on the device. According to the report, LG will launch the “G Flex” smartphone next month featuring a 6-inch curved OLED display:

LG’s new phone, dubbed G Flex, will have a six-inch screen using organic light-emitting-diode technology, a person familiar with the matter said. The handset itself is slightly concave, according to sketches of the prototype viewed by The Wall Street Journal.

For the Flex’s curved display, LG employed what the company refers to as a “plastic OLED” screen, using materials that are more flexible than conventional liquid-crystal-display screens, said the person familiar with the matter.

The WSJ was also able to grab the image above showing a sketch for a prototype of LG’s curved device. 

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The report yesterday referred to the device as the “LG Z”, so there is a possibility we’re looking at two different devices or variations for different regions, but the specs and other details from the two reports seem to line up.

LG won’t be the only one releasing a device with a curved display with recent reports claiming Samsung is prepping a special edition of its Galaxy Note 3 that features similar curved OLED tech.

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