Building Design Online reports that the opening of Google’s new London headquarters will be delayed by a year after the company asked the architects to come up with new designs – after the development had already been granted planning approval.

It has asked the architect to draw up a new design within the original floor plan that will push the boundaries of office design and better fit the needs of the local community […]

A decision to overhaul the project is thought to have been made within the last week. As a result of the change in plans, the building’s completion date is thought to have been moved back from 2016 to 2017 … 


We first heard about the plans back in January, getting our first look at the original design in June, with more images emerging just a few days ago. With planning approval granted in September, it seems extremely odd, to say the least, to be requesting a redesign at this late stage – especially when it delays the completion date.

Google offered no explanation beyond saying:

We have a great plan for the new building at Kings Cross but we want to challenge ourselves to do something even better for Google, Kings Cross and for the local community.

Architects AHMM declined to comment.

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