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Visual Supply company, the group behind the uber-popular VSCO cam for iOS has finally set December 3rd as their Android release date. The app, available for most Android devices running 4.0 and above is a great camera app in the iOS arena and a most welcome addition to Android. This announcement in and of itself is good news, but what’s really great news is the price: free.

VSCO Cam is well-equipped to aid you in creating beautiful images. Upon download, the app includes 10 Presets and an array of editing Tools free of charge. Additional VSCO Preset Packs and Tools, tailored for specific situations and aesthetics, will also be available for purchase within the in-App store.

The app has been in a private beta since the end of July, but Visual Supply company had yet to formalize a release date. Thankfully, now we know the app will hit Google’s Play Store tomorrow, is a free download, has 10 presets, and various editing tools.

There’s no shortage of camera apps inside the Play Store, but VSCO is sure to set a high bar for the competition. Consider this one an insta-download.

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