Google Product manager Eran Arkin just made a quiet but perhaps major announcement in how Google+ will handle brands and social ads moving forward. Google will begin testing a new type of monetization for Google+ called +Post ads. In simple terms, Google will let brands turn their Google+ content into display ads across the web.

+Post ads allow a brand to take a piece of their public Google+ content, like a photo, video or even a Hangout, and with a few clicks, turn it into a display ad that can run across the more than 2 million sites in the Google Display Network. This lets brands think of the entire web as their social stream.

Google believes that combining the sharing capabilities of Google+ along with their existing reach in the ad space is a perfect fit. +Post ads will allow advertisers/brands to start conversations from within the ad itself allowing consumers to “reshare a video, leave a comment or a question for the brand, or even join a live Hangout.”

Companies like Toyota USA are already working with Google+ as a member of a select group of partners with the new +Post ad system. Check out Toyota’s video below to see how +Post ads will work and how Google continues to use Google+ as an important part of their ecosystem moving forward.

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