amazonbox Amazon’s upcoming smartphone that may or may not truly exist is now set to launch in the first half of 2014 according to Digitimes. The world’s most prolific source of insider information with a track record that hits around 50/50 says Primax Electronics has “obtained orders from Amazon for compact camera modules for use in smartphones to be launched in first-half 2014.”

Such smartphones feature floating touch technology, with each to be equipped with six CCMs for sensing, and Primax will supply more than 50% of the CCMs, the sources said. Primax declined to comment on the sources’ claims.

This report does support the notion of Amazon’s smartphone lineup using multiple front-facing cameras to help push a 3D display to track the movements of the user.¬†Amazon’s entry into the smartphone arena is perhaps just as secretive as Apple’s iWatch but given how successful the Kindle Fire lineup of tablets has been for the retailer, a phone sure seems like the next evolutionary step.


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