Perhaps one of the greatest “what could have been” stories in recent (tech) times is definitively the question of what Nokia would be like today had they gone with Android over Windows Phone? There’s little question Nokia’s fortunes might have changed dramatically and as a result, the fortunes of every other Android OEM not named Samsung.

So, while the world waits to see what Microsoft will do with their new hardware company, the “Normandy” continues to excite us. Twitter tipster @evleaks posted yet another image of the purported Android device Nokia was working on in a pre-Microsoft buyout world. There’s plenty of room for questioning as to whether Nokia will shuffle this out the door before Microsoft officially takes over.

Still, with Windows Phone already providing options like the Lumia 520 to the low-end market, there’s little need for an Android device in Microkia world. Is it possible, however the odds stack up against it that the Normandy will ever see the light of day running a full on Android build? That’s the question so many tech-fanatics want to know.


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