evleaks Stories May 8, 2016



While the 4th-gen Moto G has been well leaked ahead of a May 17th event, the flagship Moto X has remained more elusive. A sketchy leak from last year has now been collaborated by Evleaks and several official-looking press renders have surfaced from the reliable HelloMotoHK.

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evleaks Stories April 19, 2016

Moto G4 Plus shown off again, this time in official-looking white render

Earlier this morning, the 4th generation Moto G was shown off in a rather extensive hands-on video. The lack of a fingerprint sensor on that particular unit makes the case for a ‘plus’ variant more likely. Now, the notorious Evleaks has posted an official-looking render of the Moto G4 Plus in white.

evleaks Stories March 21, 2016



The HTC One M10 — rumored to be called simply the HTC 10 — has already leaked almost in full at this point. The phone, perhaps unsurprisingly, is going to ship with very similar specs as other early 2016 Android flagships, including of course being built around Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 system-on-a-chip. Now, Evleaks has come out to contradict some previous rumors saying that its previously-rumored AMOLED display is actually going to be a Super LCD 5 and that the phone will have a 3,000 mAh battery…

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evleaks Stories February 29, 2016

Galaxy Tab A and Tab E (2016) press renders leak, new small Android mid-range tablets incoming

While last week’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge announcement will undoubtedly be the highlight of Samsung’s year, it seems the company is still showing interest in the tablet market. Evan Blass leaked a set of press renders for upcoming 2016 models of the Galaxy Tab A and Galaxy Tab E.

evleaks Stories February 21, 2016



Not more than a couple days after saying that his fans “criticized [themselves] out of any leaks for a while,” (in reference to hateful comments about the LG G5) Evan Blass is on fire once again. Now, he has shared images of a mysterious Sony “Xperia PP10” smartphone (he says that might not be its launch name), as well as Moto Hint-like accessory called the Sony Smart Ear…

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evleaks Stories January 31, 2016



A handful of companies have already announced their intention to launch devices during (or before) MWC 2016 in Barcelona in a few weeks’ time. LG and Huawei have both sent out invites, while rumors are that Sony also has something planned. But, Samsung — a company which for the past few years has used the conference to launch its Galaxy S range — has been quiet so far…

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evleaks Stories January 23, 2016


samsung galaxy s7

According to a tweet from renowned smartphone leaker Evan Blass, Samsung is targeting Friday, March 11th as the release date for the Samsung Galaxy S7. The phone’s announcement will almost surely be happening during a press conference before the annual Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, giving the South Korean company just a couple of weeks to get the phone pushed out to retail after it’s shown off on stage…

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evleaks Stories November 16, 2015

Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge allegedly already in testing at AT&T

Over recent weeks and months we’ve read numerous reports regarding the Galaxy S7 and its dual-curve sibling. Most recently, the rumors have suggested the device will see an earlier-than-normal release, perhaps indicating that Samsung will unveil its next hot flagship before MWC in Barcelona. Some speculate we might even see an announcement as soon as January. A tweet from well-known leakster, Evan Blass, does nothing to discredit those rumors:

[tweet https://twitter.com/evleaks/status/665279918633295872 align=’center’]

Blass believes that with testing already happening at AT&T, we could see the phones land in the early part of Q1 2016. In other words: Between the beginning of January and mid-February. While the tweet alone doesn’t confirm anything, it certainly adds credibility to those previous launch timeframe rumors.

In recent years, Samsung has used MWC in Barcelona as the platform to announce the Galaxy S lineup. But it hasn’t always been that way. With MWC scheduled for 22-25 February in 2016, and big press events normally occurring before the conference officially kicks off, Samsung could once again use the Barcelona event to show off its next flagship phones. If it did, it would certainly (just about) fit in with Evan’s early-to-mid Q1 launch timeframe. Or Sammy could do what it did with the Galaxy Note 5 launch and decide to steal a march on a major conference by announcing its devices at a separate event beforehand.

It’s been reported in the past that Samsung will use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 processor in the Galaxy S7 (at least in some markets). The powerful quad-core chips has just been officially outed by Qualcomm, and looks like it’ll be next year’s processor to beat. Saying that, it’ll be interesting to see how it compares performance-wise with Samsung’s own recently-announced Exynos 8890. If rumors are to be believed, the Snapdragon models will go for sale in China and the US, while the Exynos-equipped phones will be sold in Europe and other international markets.

evleaks Stories October 17, 2015

Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL leaks ahead of T-Mobile launch

Alcatel OneTouch has come from nowhere of this past twelve months and has become a brand-name synonymous with cheap products with decent specs. The OneTouch Idol 3 was something of a hit once it launched earlier this year, and is still a popular phone among consumers looking for an entry-level smartphone with great performance.

Now, it looks like the company is set to launch a new phone. The OneTouch Fierce XL is coming to T-Mobile, and is purportedly going to be available in both Android and Windows Phone flavors…

The information comes via well-known leaker, Evan Blass who tweeted the image of the two phones above earlier today.

[tweet https://twitter.com/evleaks/status/655311609947009024 align=’center’]

It’s safe to say that pricing and specifications will be on the low side. A previous tweet from Evan suggested the device will feature a Snapdragon 210 processor, 5.5-inch 720p display, 16GB storage, 2GB RAM and a 2,500mAh battery. Based on that information alone, the one stand-out feature should be battery life. With a 720p resolution display, getting the phone to last 1-2 days with a battery of that capacity shouldn’t be too difficult.

These specs match up pretty well with what Alcatel and T-Mobile have partnered on in the past. The carrier often stocks budget-friendly phones and tablets made by Alcatel OneTouch, and they’re almost always really affordable. In fact, last year, the company was virtually giving away tablets to anyone who signed up for one.

With the holiday season fast approaching, we can imagine the carrier pushing this as a stocking stuffer, and perhaps first smartphone for kids.

evleaks Stories October 5, 2015



Back in August, a report claimed Samsung was working on a huge 18.4-inch tablet code-named ‘Tahoe’. Despite the massive size of the display, it was rumored that it would ‘only’ feature a resolution of 1080 x 1920, giving it a mediocre pixel density of under 120ppi. A rumor which is seemingly corroborated by a set of leaked benchmarks on GFXBench, and a tweet from Evan Blass with the device’s likely official name: Samsung Galaxy View…

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evleaks Stories September 30, 2015



If you’re wondering what’s next from LG, this might just be it. It’s the LG V10 that we’ve been hearing about for quite some time now, and these new renders might just be our best look yet. As we’ve seen before, the phone seems to sport a dark and rough look, with a textured back and an auxiliary display around front with some app shortcuts… expand full story

evleaks Stories September 22, 2015



A few weeks ago, an unreleased and unnamed LG device passed through TENAA, China’s version of the FCC. The images showed what seemed to be an unremarkable device albeit one with the unusual design choice of having the front-facing camera built into the display. Later on it was revealed by Evan Blass (@evleaks) that there would be a secondary ticker display running along the top of the primary display.

Today, the well-known leaker is back with what looks like an official press render of that device, confirming that speculation…

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evleaks Stories September 16, 2015

Upcoming 10-inch Amazon Kindle Fire tablet press render leaked

A press render of Amazon’s upcoming 10-inch Kindle Fire tablet has been leaked ahead of its alleged launch. Although we’re light on specs, the renders show the (rather uninspiring) design of the next Kindle Fire. The image comes from well-known and usually reliable leaker, Evan Blass on Twitter.

From the renders, it appears the next Kindle Fire will have a completely flat front and back, with a slightly more angled, metallic frame around the edges. We can just about make out the power/sleep key on the top edge as well as the front and rear camera. Amazon’s branding is expectedly prominent, although the software is a completely different story. If the render is accurate, it looks like Amazon’s new software will be much more in line with standard Android. Or, at the very list, Amazon software disguised as standard Android. Whatever the software is, it’s a far cry from Amazon’s previous efforts.

Previous Kindle Fire tablets have featured a cover flow-like user interface, pushing Amazon apps and content to the forefront, similar to the UI found on the Amazon Fire TV and Stick. If Evan’s leak is anything close to the finished product (which it normally is), it’ll certainly make a refreshing change from a user experience perspective.It almost certainly has something to do with having fewer staff to work on skins after the job cuts recently. Perhaps it’s a lesson learned by Amazon after the catastrophic failure that was the Fire Phone. A shift to a more familiar UI will surely make the product less confusing to regular consumers.

We don’t yet have a release date, price or specs for the 10-inch tablet, but there have been rumors of a $50 6-inch model which is expected to hit the market in time for the holiday season. Both tablets will likely be announced and released at the same time to take advantage of the busy Q4 shipping period.

evleaks Stories August 19, 2015



BlackBerry has been rumored to be working on an Android phone for quite some time. In fact, almost as soon as its CEO John Chen teased the portrait slider dubbed ‘Venice’, it was predicted it might run Google’s operating. We’ve seen a leaked render showing the front of the device with what looks like stock Android. We’ve even seen slides showing off some of the BlackBerry-inspired user interface elements. What we haven’t seen yet is that ever-elusive keyboard.

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evleaks Stories August 7, 2015

Could this Galaxy S6 Edge+ keyboard cover possibly be real? [Update: Yes]

Update: Yes, it’s real.

Evan Blass of evleaks has a pretty solid track record, and we’ve cited his leaks hundreds of times. This time, though, we can’t tell if what he has leaked is a joke or if it’s actually a real product on the way from Samsung. As you can see above, it looks like the Korean company might maybe possibly eventually release a keyboard cover for the yet-to-be-announced Galaxy S6 Edge+.

Knowing Samsung, this could very well be the real deal. And Evan hasn’t exactly been known to be a jokester when it comes to his leaks. He’s ended up wrong a couple of times, but I can’t remember many times that he has just posted a “leak” that was purely a practical joke. With that in mind, I have to say that this cover looks absolutely horrid — and useless.

A physical keyboard is something that many have desired since the move away from BlackBerry-esque devices, but I don’t know if this is the solution. I would much prefer that some companies — like BlackBerry, maybe? — make a smartphone that actually has a physical keyboard built-in. This hunk of plastic covering up half of your screen is surely be a nuisance and nothing more.

evleaks Stories August 1, 2015



Barely a week goes by when we don’t get another piece of the puzzle to add to the ever-clearer image of what Samsung’s going to announce in two weeks time. We’ve seen leaked schematics, unofficial 3D renders and photos as well as the usual rumors on release date and specifications. Now, what looks like an official press render has leaked out courtesy of Evan Blass on Twitter.

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evleaks Stories July 15, 2015


Huawei P8 Global Launch 2015 @ London Livestream - YouTube 2015-04-15 09-17-26

A tweet from infamous leakster, Evan Blass (aka @evleaks), this morning reveals a few previously unknown details about the supposed upcoming Huawei-made Nexus phone. If his tweet has genuine information we could see a phone powered by a Snapdragon 820 chip with a 5.7-inch QHD display and a fingerprint sensor… expand full story

evleaks Stories July 2, 2015



Update: As I thought, this isn’t the slider. It’s just a Passport.

Evan Blass just can’t stop. Earlier today he came out on Twitter to say that BlackBerry’s Android-powered “Venice” smartphone is on its way to AT&T, and now he has shared an image of what looks to be some kind of BlackBerry device running Google’s mobile operating system. expand full story

evleaks Stories May 13, 2015



The Galaxy S6 was announced with nary a mention of a variant besides the famed Edge model, but a new leak surfaced yesterday showing what appeared to be spy shots of a previously unheard-of Active variant of Samsung’s latest flagship. While those shots might have looked a bit sketchy, another leak posted today by renowned leakster Evleaks corroborates the existence of the device we saw yesterday…

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evleaks Stories October 14, 2014


It looks like it’s just too hard to not leak things for Evan Blass, the guy behind @evleaks who supposedly retired from the leaking game a couple of months ago. It wasn’t too long ago that we gave you an exclusive look at the Nexus 6, but now the story of Nexus 6 leaks has basically come to a close with the leak of what appears to be Google’s own stock imagery of the device.

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evleaks Stories July 23, 2014

Sony Xperia Z3 alleged hardware specifications leak w/ 2.4 GHz quad-core processor and Adreno 330 graphics

We’ve already seen several leaks this week, and today evleaks posted the specifications of the upcoming Sony Xperia Z3 with a purported model number of ‘D6653’.

evleaks Stories June 9, 2014



If you can believe it, Google Glass was announced nearly two years ago at Google I/O 2012, becoming available to “Explorers” for the steep price of $1,500. The device didn’t actually ship until nearly a year later, in February 2013, but multiple beta versions of Glass have been in these select few hands since. As for a date when the device would finally go public, Sergey Brin recently said at the Code Conference that Glass would be released this year “plus or minus,” leaving the question as open-ended as ever. expand full story

evleaks Stories March 13, 2014


We’ve long known that Google has been working on a watch first OEMed internally through Motorola and now through partner LG.

@evleaks has purported specs, naming a 1.65 inch diagonal display and 280×280 square resolution. Internally, you’ll have 512MB of RAM and 4GB of onboard storage  – enough for some apps, MP3s and maybe a few short videos.

[tweet https://twitter.com/evleaks/status/444146030360416257]

Evleaks usually starts leaking specs within a few weeks of launch so it could mean we’re getting ready to see Google’s hand (wrist?) which matches up with recent information. Late last week, Google’s Android and Chrome head Sundar Pinchai announced that Google would launch a wearable SDK within a few weeks so the stars are certainly starting to align. The plan appears to be as follows: have the SDK out in March and a product available at Google I/O in June.

Late month, Samsung announced its second iteration of Galaxy Gear smartwatches, running on Tizen — not Android. Rumours about Apple’s ‘iWatch’ product also continue to swirl, with a seeming focus on health and fitness. expand full story

evleaks Stories December 23, 2013



Perhaps one of the greatest “what could have been” stories in recent (tech) times is definitively the question of what Nokia would be like today had they gone with Android over Windows Phone? There’s little question Nokia’s fortunes might have changed dramatically and as a result, the fortunes of every other Android OEM not named Samsung.

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evleaks Stories December 15, 2013


Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 1.42.42 PM

The LG G Flex, the curved body and “self-healing” device out of the Korean folks at LG is destined for Sprint. This info comes courtesy of famed Twitter tipster @evleaks who discovered the image and posted it online early this morning.

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evleaks Stories November 15, 2013


Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 11.30.57 AM

A newly leaked set of details courtesy of Twitter tipster @evleaks is hinting at what’s under the hood of the upcoming HTC M8. All things considered, there’s nothing earth-shattering or surprising about the device thus far with a rumored 5″ 1080p display, Android 4.4 KitKat onboard and powered by a Snapdragon 800 processor.

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evleaks Stories November 12, 2013


Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 7.48.51 AM

I’ll be the first to admit that I think all smartphones look better dressed in white (no fingerprints!) and this newly leaked image of the LG G2 is no exception. However, even if the white looks more decadent than the black LG G2 that doesn’t take away from those horrible, eye-gouging Verizon logos that are so prominently placed. Twitter tipster @evleaks dropped the press image late last night and oh who am I kidding, those logos, kill them with fire.

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evleaks Stories November 11, 2013


Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 10.12.38 AM

Even as HTC promises that next-year will see the return of lower cost handsets in an attempt to boost their fledgling business, the flagship successor to the One is also on the horizon. A tweet by @evleaks teases the HTC M8 for AT&T “unsurprisingly destined for AT&T, among others.” In a response to a secondary inquiry about a potential Verizon offering, the Twitter tipster responds that all four carriers should see a release by the end of the first quarter next year. Considering that all four national carriers carry the HTC One right now, it’s not inconceivable to think that the same will happen for its successor.

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evleaks Stories October 2, 2013


[tweet https://twitter.com/evleaks/status/385532994527567872]

We’ve already heard some rumblings of a Asus powered Nexus 10 tablet (to be honest, I’m not a huge fan of ASUS hardware so kinda bummed), but today evleaks has some further evidence of the existence of said tablet.


Honestly, I hope it is better than the current version but now I’m starting to think it might just be cheaper.

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