Nokia Stories March 23

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HMD Global’s announcement at MWC of Nokia-branded phones running stock Android with fast updates was well received. At the time, the company only noted a vague global launch for the devices, but has confirmed today that the US will also see a release.

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Nokia Stories February 26

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Late last year, Finnish brand HMD Global signed a licensing deal to release Android devices that carry the Nokia brand. At MWC today, the devices were launched to a global audience along with a throwback of the Nokia 3310 from the early 2000s.

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Nokia Stories February 20

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Barcelona’s famous fair, the Mobile World Congress, is just around the corner. As always, (almost) all the big names in mobile will join the party to show the latest and greatest coming out of their R&D. And while Samsung’s absence may represent a hit for the general vibe of the coming days, there will certainly be no shortage of new products and announcements.

So let’s dig through them a bit…

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Nokia Stories January 12

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Update: Apparently, the devices in question are in fact not Nokia’s, nor they actually have anything to do with the Finnish company. As per a video from WinFuture’s channel (in German), it looks like these are simply reference design phones made by Qualcomm itself. All in all, now that I can see the whole thing better, I’m just glad it’s that way. Hopefully February’s announcement will bring some excitement.

We reported yesterday about Nokia‘s likely intention to unveil a flagship Android smartphone outside of China on February 26, a day before the beginning of this year’s Mobile World Congress. However, it looks like the cat may already be out of the bag.

As it turns out, Nokia’s trojan horse back into the smartphone world was present at CES, albeit in disguise. The alleged ‘Nokia 8’ was showcased at Qualcomm‘s booth, where the company asked people not to take photos of it. Of course, however, someone did (via GSM Arena)…

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Nokia Stories January 11

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