Nokia Stories July 27

Nokia has launched the XR20, a 5G-capable rugged phone that runs Android One.

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Nokia Stories May 13

In working to expand availability around the world, Google, over the years, has brought Assistant to feature phones. Nokia is now launching the 2720 V Flip phone with Google Assistant in the US on Verizon’s 4G network.

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Nokia Stories May 10

Nokia Android 11 roadmap pushes back the schedule even further

With Android One and some solid budget devices in tow, Nokia’s revival was promising for the Android world. A couple of years later, however, a cluttered lineup and delayed software updates aren’t exactly putting the brand in the best light. Now, Nokia has announced its latest Android 11 roadmap, which pushes everything back.

Nokia Stories April 8

Nokia has unveiled a whopping six new Android-powered smartphones today, as part of the new C, G, and X-series.

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Nokia Stories March 24

Android 11 begins rolling out for Nokia 3.2

Nokia has confirmed that the Android 11 update is now rolling out for the affordably focused Nokia 3.2.

Nokia Stories February 3

HMD Global has now officially launched the Nokia 1.4, its entry-level Android Go-powered smartphone aimed at the low end of the market.

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Nokia Stories December 15, 2020

HMD Global has announced yet another dirt-cheap Android Go smartphone in the form of the Nokia C1 Plus, giving people yet another affordable 4G-only phone option in late 2020 and early 2021.

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Nokia Stories November 13, 2020

Nokia debuts two new KaiOS feature phones w/ Google Assistant from €49

The cheapest phones in the world usually run barebones operating systems, but KaiOS gives super-affordable phones a taste of the modern era. Now, Nokia has debuted two brand-new KaiOS phones in the Nokia 6300 and Nokia 8000.

Nokia Stories November 9, 2020

Nokia N95 reboot would have arrived w/ slide-out speakers, kickstand [Video]

Nokia’s history in the smartphone industry is rich, and occasionally the company takes a look back at older hardware to inspire new devices. At one point, a reboot of the famed Nokia N95 was on the table with Android and some killer media features, but it never came to light. Here’s a look at what would have been.

First announced in March, HMD Global is now bringing the Nokia 8.3 5G to the US. The phone is launching on Verizon as the Nokia 8 V 5G UW and will be available on November 12.

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It looks as though the Nokia license is set to come to further products, as a firm appears set to bring a Nokia-branded Android TV set-top box to Europe.

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Nokia Stories November 6, 2020

The Nokia 8.3 5G is a reasonably solid device that is massively let down by its release timing. Announced in March 2020, had it hit the market then, it would have been a far more enticing smartphone.

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Nokia Stories November 3, 2020

‘Nokia 10 Pureview’ may bring back the penta-cameras w/ sapphire display, Snapdragon 875

The revival of Nokia has mostly been on the back of budget Android phones, but HMD Global has put up a couple of flagship offerings. It’s been quite a while since the Nokia 9 Pureview hit the market, and now, its successor appears to finally be in the works — the Nokia 10 Pureview.

Nokia Stories October 8, 2020

Google has already pushed the full Android 11 update to Pixel devices, with some OEMs already running their own beta phases. As one of the main Android One players, Nokia has now officially confirmed the Android 11 roadmap for their entire lineup.

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Nokia Stories September 25, 2020

Renders of the upcoming Nokia 7.3 have been shared online, giving us a closer look at what looks like an updated design and new quad-camera setup.

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Nokia Stories September 8, 2020

[Update: Nokia 3.4] Nokia 2.4 renders showcase the next affordable Android One device

Leaked press renders of the upcoming Nokia 2.4 have given us a look at the follow-up to late 2019’s affordable Nokia 2.3.

Nokia Stories August 12, 2020

HMD Global, responsible for the Nokia revival, takes investments from Google and Qualcomm

Nokia smartphones have seen a revival over the past few years and they’ve proven very popular too. Now, HMD Global, the company responsible for Nokia smartphones, has taken in funding from some major companies including Google.

Nokia Stories August 11, 2020

[Update: More devices] Official TWRP support comes to the Nokia 7.1, Xiaomi Mi 9T, plus more

If you’re driven by full device control, you’ll be pleased to hear that TWRP support is now officially available for a flurry of Nokia devices plus the several Xiaomi handsets — including the popular Mi 9T.

Nokia Stories June 30, 2020

There are very few smartphones under $100 that we would actually recommend, but the Nokia 1.3 is one of our selected few.

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Nokia Stories June 10, 2020

The lack of MWC 2020 didn’t dull the release schedule for many manufacturers, including Nokia, as the firm announced the Nokia 5.3 alongside the Nokia 8.3 5G in late March.

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Nokia Stories June 4, 2020

[Update: 43-inch] Nokia-branded Android TV arrives in India w/ 4K, Pie, JBL audio, more

Nokia is far from the first name you think of for a television, but later this week the company’s brand is arriving on a 4K TV in India along with Google’s Android TV.

Nokia Stories May 20, 2020

[Update: Nokia 5.1 Plus] Nokia 7.2 now receiving stable Android 10 update

The Android 10 update is now rolling out for the Android One-powered Nokia 7.2.

Nokia Stories April 22, 2020

[Update: Nokia 2.3 too] Android 10 now rolling out for the budget-friendly Nokia 2.2

The Android 10 update is now rolling out for the ultra-budget Nokia 2.2 after being confirmed by HMD Global’s Juho Sarvikas.

Nokia Stories March 19, 2020

Nokia 5.3 packs Snapdragon 665 as Nokia 1.3 is promised to get Android 11

Alongside its flagship Nokia 8.3 smartphone, HMD Global also debuts two new devices today. The Nokia 5.3 and Nokia 1.3 are official.

HMD Global has now officially unveiled its first 5G-enabled handset in the form of the Nokia 8.3 5G.

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Nokia Stories March 18, 2020

With HMD Global set to unveil a series of new devices during a livestreamed launch event, we’ve now got a glimpse of the upcoming Nokia 1.3 in press renders.

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Nokia Stories March 16, 2020

The COVID-19 coronavirus hasn’t stopped new devices getting unveiled. The latest is the Nokia C2, a budget Android Go-powered smartphone.

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Nokia Stories March 11, 2020

The impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak hasn’t just affected hardware, but also software efforts in the tech industry. Today, Nokia is revising its Android 10 update schedule to reflect the virus.

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Nokia Stories February 3, 2020

Alleged Nokia 5.2 code-named ‘Captain America’ leaks in hands-on images

Nokia has done a great job at bombarding the mid-range with affordable devices that feel premium while retaining a great software experience. The latest potential recruit to their lineup of smartphone superheroes could be the Nokia 5.2 — code-named “Captain America.”

Nokia Stories January 29, 2020

Over the course of last year, evidence came out showing Google was working on a version of Android for feature phones, followed by signs that the efforts were being scrapped. Now, four months later, new listings for an upcoming Nokia phone suggests those Android feature phone efforts could still be ongoing.

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Nokia Stories January 22, 2020

HMD Global has unveiled its latest budget Android One smartphone in the form of the Nokia 2.3.

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Nokia Stories January 8, 2020

[Update: Nokia 6.1, 7 Plus too] Android 10 is now rolling out for the Nokia 6.1 Plus

The full Android 10 update is now rolling out for 2018’s Nokia 6.1 Plus after being announced by the official Nokia Twitter account.

Nokia Stories December 12, 2019

HMD Global has been particularly aggressive within the budget segment in 2019 — the Nokia 2.2 is one such affordable smartphone aimed at the low-end and emerging markets.

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Nokia Stories December 10, 2019

The Android 10 update is now rolling out for the Nokia 7.1

The Android 10 update is now rolling out for HMD Global’s superb budget package, the Nokia 7.1.

Nokia Stories December 6, 2019

The Android 10 update is now rolling out for HMD Global’s experimental flagship, the Nokia 9 PureView.

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Nokia Stories November 5, 2019

The Nokia 6.2 is now available in the US priced at $249

The Nokia 6.2, a fantastic budget package, is now available for purchase in the US and is priced at just $249.

Nokia Stories October 11, 2019

As far as we’re concerned, the Pixel 3a and 3a XL are the defacto budget Android phones to pick up in the United States. That is until we got our hands on a Nokia 7.2 review unit. It appears that the Pixel 3a might have some stiff competition.

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Nokia Stories October 9, 2019

Android 10 update now rolling out for the Nokia 8.1

The first Android 10 update for Nokia devices is heading out right now to the Nokia 8.1.

Nokia Stories September 27, 2019

Android 10 Go Edition heading to Nokia phones in early 2020

Nokia has committed to providing updates to a series of Android One phones in recent months, but with the release of Android 10 Go Edition, the company head has confirmed that Nokia Android Go devices will get the update starting in Q1 2020.

Nokia Stories September 20, 2019

Last week, we saw that Google was seemingly scrapping their work on Chrome for Android-based feature phones. As this was the only publicly visible work, we believe Google may have scrapped Android feature phones altogether. Now we have an in-depth look at what could have been, as a leaked video of an Android-based feature phone made by Nokia has surfaced. Our in-depth analysis has revealed new apps and interesting details about the project.

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Nokia Stories September 18, 2019

[Update: Amazon pre-orders open] The Nokia 7.2 goes up for pre-order in the US for $350, available September 30

The Nokia 7.2 has now gone up for pre-order in the United States ahead of a September 30 release after being unveiled officially at IFA 2019 in Berlin with pricing starting at $349.99.

Nokia Stories September 6, 2019

The Pixel 4 leaks keep flowing, but in some of today’s other stories, we’ve got new earbuds from Nokia, news regarding next year’s 5G, and more.

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Even after a hands-on session, there is no denying that the Nokia 6.2 and Nokia 7.2 are two very, very similar smartphones.

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Nokia Stories September 5, 2019

HMD Global has unveiled its latest wave of affordable Android One smartphones at IFA in the form of the Nokia 6.2 and Nokia 7.2.

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Nokia Stories August 30, 2019

A new report from tech research firm Counterpoint Research has shown that Nokia is at the top of the global rankings when it comes to Android software and security updates.

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Nokia Stories August 27, 2019

Battery life is something that’s important to all smartphone users, but sometimes methods of squeezing out a bit of extra screen time are ill-advised. Nokia has just announced that it will get rid of a battery-saving method that aggressively killed background apps in exchange for Android’s own Adaptive Battery feature.

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Nokia Stories August 23, 2019

[Update: More photos] Nokia 7.2 leak shows off triple-camera, confirms September launch

In the lead up to IFA 2019 in a few weeks, more smartphone leaks will probably be coming out. Nokia recently teased some new reveals, and today an accidental tweet has confirmed the Nokia 7.2 with its cameras, design, and release date.

Nokia Stories August 22, 2019

Google just announced major details about the next version of Android this morning, and now HMD Global is confirming how it will handle updates. Starting later this year, Nokia will update nearly every one of its smartphones to Android 10 over the course of just a few months.

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