Google is trying to right a wrong plaguing customers who purchased the LTE version of its Chromebook Pixel. Released last year, this network connected edition of Mountain View’s uber-Chromebook originally shipped with a free 100MB of monthly 4G data from Verizon for a period of two years. However, for one reason or another, Big Red has stopped honoring this promotion, with its customer service reps telling Pixel owners that they’re unfamiliar with this service offer.

In an effort to smooth things over with jilted customers, Google is offering $150 in the form of a Visa gift card to all Pixel owners. As for Big Red’s reaction to this matter, the carrier says it’s working on a solution for customers affected by this issue, but hasn’t provided any details regarding what it might do to fix things. While $150 doesn’t really amount to a lot of 4G data from Verizon, it’s good to see that Google is trying to do right by people who purchased one of its products, even if this dilemma isn’t exactly the search giant’s fault.

(via Computerworld)

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