Chromebook Pixel Stories February 28

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Update 3/2: Osterloh has revised his earlier statement about the ‘death’ of “Google’s own Chromebooks.” In a tweet, he notes that “They will live on” and that the company has “no plans to share at this time.” In another clarification, he interestingly comments that future Google-branded laptops might not necessarily have the Pixel brand:

“Regarding the future of Google-branded laptops (whether called Pixel or not), I should clarify that we don’t have any plans to discuss at this time.”

During an interview with some members of the press at Mobile World Congress, hardware head Rick Osterloh revealed that there are “no plans for Google-branded laptops.” While referring to the Chromebook Pixel line, the quote is broad enough to possibly include the long rumored Bison Pixel-branded laptop hybrid as well, which was reported to run “Andromeda”…

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Chromebook Pixel Stories September 6, 2016

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When thinking of Google, there are essentially two versions of the company that come to mind for most. Some immediately — and solely — link it to its iconic search box put front and center on, while others who are more aware know about the ocean of products and services the Mountain View firm is deeply involved in. One thing that doesn’t often come to the average person’s mind, though, is hardware. Come the next few months, however, that may all but change…

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Chromebook Pixel Stories August 30, 2016

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Chromebook Pixel Stories April 28, 2016

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Albeit not being full-fledged PCs, Chromebooks are becoming increasingly interesting machines for a lot of people, given that the extremely simple and lightweight Chrome OS generally leads in reliability, ease of use and usually highly affordable prices.


However, a few of these computers have stood out for things like higher-end specs and interesting industrial designs — namely Google‘s own Pixels — and it looks like HP may have found a really sweet spot with today’s announcement. Partnering with the Mountain View company, the two are today unveiling the Chromebook 13, an all-metal machine with truly impressive specs and price…

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Chromebook Pixel Stories December 8, 2015

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The Pixel C is now available to purchase from the Google Store. The tablet was announced in a September event with the latest Nexus devices and just meets the “in time for the holidays” deadline given at that point.

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Chromebook Pixel Stories November 4, 2015

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A Google engineer by the name of Benson Leung is one of the many proponents of USB Type-C at the Mountain View company, and he’s now doing us the kind service of reviewing dozens of third-party Type-C cables on Amazon. Why? Because some of the cables coming from a variety of manufacturers could be “dangerous,” according to Leung, and are likely less-than-functional… expand full story


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