Countless accessory makers have taken to the Google Glass platform, but few have gone as far as Rochester Optical. The company is now offering a line of sun lenses for the device, hoping to make Google’s head-mounted computer just that much more stylish.

What makes these new lenses seemingly so good, though, is how many options there are for making them fit your personality. They’re going to ship with 14 different tinted and mirrored lenses, and come in 8 frame styles with 11 colors to pick from. These lenses, notably, are not associated with the frames that Google offers and are completely non-prescription.

According to the company’s press release:

As Google Glass makes its mark in the computer world, designers add style and trendy looks to the newest wearable tech. Sun Lenses from Rochester Optical are non-prescription tinted and mirrored lenses that attach to Google Glass when combined with Smart Frames.

You can get the frame and lens package for $179.

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