Controversial torrent streaming application, Popcorn Time has added Chromecast support for its Android app. This comes just one week after the software’s development team pledged streaming support for Google’s popular media dongle. If you’re not familiar with Popcorn Time, it’s like a black market version of Netflix’s video streaming service that uses peer-to-peer tech to get the job done. People often use the software to watch movies and TV shows that are still in only available in theaters, which of course is rubbing the motion picture industry the wrong way.

Not available from Google Play for obvious reasons, Popcorn Time’s development team recently released the second beta build of its Android app via a blog post. This new program ships sans VPN support, but its devs say that it’s next on their docket. Copyright laws vary by region, so use your best judgement before pairing this software with your Chromecast and understand that there may be consequences if you do.

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