If you’re not familiar with Popcorn Time, it’s an app that allows you to stream movie and TV show torrents without any of the hassles usually associated with torrents – what you get is an interface which looks just like Netflix or Hulu. Thanks to a popular forked version, you’ll soon be able to watch that content on your TV when Chromecast support is added … 

Time4Popcorn has released an alpha version of the Windows app with Chromecasting built-in, and is promising that Android and Mac versions will follow.

The legality of viewing the streamed content is something of a gray area, but both the U.S. and UK appear to be adopting an unofficial line that criminal action isn’t generally taken against those viewing pirated content, only those sharing it. Copyright owners can, however, still take civil action against those viewing the content they own, a risk the app seeks to minimize by including a built-in VPN to anonymize users.

As with all such services, use or not as your conscience and/or risk-sensitivity dictates …

Via Gizmodo

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