NVIDIA is reportedly working on a new Android-based gaming platform capable of running PC-level games, according to BBC News. The unannounced device will be powered by the chip maker’s new Tegra K1 processor and it will be able to stream games to televisions via an HDMI-out port and a “budget-priced” controller accessory. In addition to being able to connect to a TV, NVIDIA’s new rig will support mobile gaming and native Android apps, similar to the company’s existing Shield system.

PC gamers looking to take advantage of this new device will need rigs with newer NVIDIA-made GPUs, as the platform will use the company’s GeForce Experience system to run desktop titles.

No further details about the platform have been discussed, however since it is said to use a standalone controller, it seems as if its form factor might be different the Shield. Recently a NVIDIA-made device referred to as the “Shield Tablet” passed through the Global Certification Forum and prior to that the company had a gadget that looked like a controller clear the FCC.

Based on BBC News’ claims, it’s possible that these two unannounced devices could be connected to each other. We’ve reached out to NVIDIA about these claims and will update this story if any new information becomes available.

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